Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that the baby switch saga is about to come to an end. The lives of many Port Charles residents will be turned upside down. Nelle will be exposed for the evil person that she is, while Brad and Julian may lose it all. Their loved ones will be shocked beyond belief when the secret surrounding baby Wiley comes to light. Michael will be outraged to find out that the little boy he believes to only be his godson is actually his biological child. Willow will have to face a harsh truth, which is that Wiley is not the baby she gave birth to and that her son is dead.

Secrets revealed will destroy Port Charles residents

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that the baby swap is about to be revealed on "General Hospital' and many of those residing in Port Charles will be affected. Michael will get the shock of his life when he finds out that Wiley is really Jonah and that Nelle switched babies with Brad, in the woods, just after giving birth. Willow will have to admit that she is the birth mother and tell how Julian convinced her to allow her baby to be adopted by Brad and Lucas. Tyler also hints a "GH" reunion.

Willow will then be put on the spot because she allowed Michael to believe she was grieving a dead child. Now, she really will need grief counseling when she finds out her son died shortly after he was adopted.

Brad and Julian have shady pasts and had been trying to stay on the straight and narrow. Once the secret is out, the truth will more than likely destroy the progress they have made with their loved ones.

More baby swap secrets will come to light

Soaps She Knows says that Julian is going to lash out at Alexis in the coming week and it may be for one of several reasons.

Ms. Davis may still be upset that her ex lied to Kim that they had slept together, Julian could be upset about Oscar's declining condition or it may be related to the secret he shared with Brad. Julian himself will be in for a shock, as he had no idea that Willow's baby died and that his son is raising Michael and Nelle's little boy.

There are other secrets that need to be revealed and they include the fact that Obrecht delivered the living child. Ryan will also lose his sight. No one knows this except Nelle and CDL teases that Detective Chase is putting the clues together. Willow is falling in love with a little boy she believes to be her own and has no idea that her baby is dead. Stay tuned to "General Hospital," weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM ET. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers related to your favorite characters in Port Charles.