It's looking like Ryan's murderous spree may be coming to an end on "General Hospital." On Monday's episode, the serial killer made a number of mistakes that may result in his true identity being revealed. Jordan and Curtis are closing in as Lulu fights for her life. All of Port Charles is in an uproar and for the first time, the demented Dr. Chamberlain is vulnerable and helpless. Should the police commissioner and the detective figure out the clues they have, and should Laura's daughter pull through, it may be game over and Kevin's twin may be stopped before he claims another life.

Lulu misses clues that Kevin is Ryan

While everyone else was gathered at the Metro Court, Lulu remained in her office. Kevin, AKA Ryan, showed up to answer her questions regarding the number of serial victims there were in Port Charles 25 years ago. Dr. Chamberlain tells Lulu there were two who were not on his brother's list in order to explain why there is a discrepancy. As they talk Ryan becomes agitated and tell's Laura's daughter that he has left her enough clues that she has missed related to his true identity.

Lulu proceeds to tell Kevin that he only thinks he is his brother, just as he had decades ago. Dr. Chamberlain informs her that he is indeed Ryan and pulls out a knife. When the scene is shown again, Lulu has been stabbed and tries to flee from her attacker, who seems frustrated that he did not kill a fourth victim.

Ryan then seems to be having some type of confusion and falls to the floor as his victim makes her way to the door.

Clues found as Lulu clings to life

Lulu is next shown on the floor of the Metro Court being tended to by loved ones. Laura is frantic and Lucas does his best to keep his cousin alive. The elevator opens and a disoriented Ryan walks out shouting that he cannot see.

Both he and his victim are taken to "General Hospital" where no one has any idea what has taken place. Meanwhile, Jordan and Curtis are coming up with clues that may point to the serial killer's identity.

The duo finds Ryan's bloody shoe print and his knife in Lulu's office and it 's only a matter of time before everything falls into place.

From his hospital bed, Dr. Chamberlain inquires about Lulu and Laura. Ava has the death of her own daughter on her mind but tells him that Mrs. Falkonery s clinging to life. Laura, Carly, Sonny, Lucas, and other Port Charles residents are in disbelief but thankful Lue's daughter survived.