''This Is Us'' had quite an exit n Tuesday as the fall season finale rocked the whole narrative as the biggest twist the show has seen made its way to the surface. Moreover, Episode 9 offered some clues about how Randall and Beth and their tense relationship played out lately. It also offered a glimpse into a future where Toby seems to be all alone and without a wedding ring on his finger.

Season 3 will return on January 15 as nine more episodes are expected to put a final cap on the third season. In the meantime, some are still waiting for a fourth season's official confirmation.

According to IMDb, there's no sign of a Season 4 yet. As the narrative got thicker and thicker it's hard to imagine this show remaining without narrative options and possibilities. In fact, to sort through all that cornucopia of possible stories turns out to be the real challenge.

Randall and Beth might end up in divorce

The first two seasons had Randall and Beth as the perfect example of a modern couple. Always finding their inner balance, they used to know how to meet halfway on every common or individual decision they had to make. Once William, Randall's biological father, stepped off the stage and Deja popped in, things drastically changed. To add even more pressure on the couple, Randall decided to buy a building and then run for a public office.

Once Beth lost her job and suddenly found herself in a limbo, and she expected Randall to stand in her corner as he used to. But, this time, the destructive vortex an election campaign tends to be, made Randall have no real eyes for his wife. To add even more to the sorrow column, he refused to drop off the campaign when Beth asked him to.

Those scenes from the future indicate that there is no Randall and Beth anymore.

Jack's brother might not be aware that he still has a family

A couple of weeks ago, we watched the scene when Jack thought his brother died on that boat exploding on the river in Vietnam. He, then, for the rest of his life, thought that Nicky died that day.

Episode 9's biggest turn around offered a new path as a mysterious guy was checking on some letters addressed to Nicholas Pearson.

While one can presume that Nicky got out alive from Vietnam, there's also the probability of him not knowing that his brother escaped too. And, by extension, Nicky would have no reason to believe that he has a family left somewhere. Unless Jack and Nicky kept a secret relationship over the years that is, but that seems very unlikely.

These facts put Kevin Pearson back on the board. He was the one who learned in Vietnam that his uncle didn't die there. Let's see if he is willing to continue the investigation even further. Kevin used to have only a necklace to connect with his father's past. According to poposugar.co.uk, that necklace helped him embark on the adventure of his life.