When Calls the Heart” gave its millions of fans many reasons to smile and have sweet Christmas dreams this week. Erin Krakow, Pascale Hutton, Lori Loughlin, and other beloved castmates who comprise the close-knit circle of friends in Hope Valley wear their hearts on their sleeves in the new trailer for the 2018 edition of the series’ Christmas movie, “When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing,” which posted to YouTube on December 13.

A behind-the-scenes visit with the cast in a separate video was equally sweet. Faithful viewers have kept December 25 circled on their calendars with hearts for weeks now, reserving Christmas Day eve for a “When Calls the Heart” celebration of joy to top off the sacred day.

Producer and co-creator of “When Calls the Heart,” Brian Bird, constantly expresses his appreciation for the faithfulness of “Hearties,” who can hardly wait for Season 6 to commence in early 2019. His gratitude, however, didn't give way to divulging any secrets in a December 14 feature with Deseret News. The seasoned entertainment professional was playful enough to let a few nuggets of coming events slip, but no major details about the most anticipated arrivals.

Bird had beautiful glowing words for Erin Krakow, however, as she takes her character of Elizabeth Thornton through the most challenging and rewarding stage of life any woman can know-- becoming a mother. The leading lady’s castmates could hardly contain their excitement for what awaits for her and all of the community of Hope Valley in the New Year.

Beaming praise from the boss

“Erin Krakow is the epitome of what acting is all about,” Brian Bird gushed. The producer further praised the actress’ gift to truly embody another person, and “transport herself to a lot of different places in life.”

Bird confesses that his breath was taken away by the sight of Erin Krakow “with child” as Hope Valley’s dedicated and resilient schoolteacher.

He calls her “a picture of grace and beauty,” even while portraying pregnancy at nine months. No real-life mother on earth at the same stage would decline that compliment.

“I can't wait for Hearties to see her maternal instincts kick in,” Bird further elaborated, and the ranks of waiting fans certainly agree.

Brian Bird playfully teases that he will be put into new Mountie, Nathan Grant’s cell if he lets too many secrets loose.

Kevin McGarry portrays the new protector in Hope Valley, and Erin Krakow has already shared a peek of herself incarcerated with her new co-star a few months back. There are many new people and friendships waiting in the new season, not to mention little ones.

Lots of baby love

Pascale Hutton, who portrays the over-involved but ever-faithful Rosemary Coulter to Krakow’s Elizabeth and Lori Loughlin’s Abigail, practically melts into a puddle of love and giggles over her recollection of seeing Erin Krakow as an expectant mother.

“Coming through,” Krakow proclaims in the middle of Hutton's recollection on video. Both explode in laughter as Pascale puts her head on the on-screen baby, who has been dubbed “Elizabump” by Erin Krakow’s many social media followers.

“The birth of the baby is a testament to sisterhood and friendship,” reiterates Hutton, who began as the fiancée to Jack Thornton when she arrived on “When Calls the Heart.” She certainly had her struggles, but soon endeared herself to her new community, and especially to lumber mill owner, Leland Coulter, portrayed by Kavan Smith, who made her his bride.

Speaking of Erin Krakow’s superb ability to “transport herself,” the beautiful brunette has been hard at work to capture “how Elizabeth moves through the world” as an expectant mother. “She has a little bit of a wobble,” notes the Juilliard-trained star, and getting up from seated positions and up and down stairs is a little slow. Krakow makes her character completely authentic, no matter the journey.

“Elizabeth, I know you are strong,” Abigail reminds in one scene shown in the clips, “but together, we are stronger.”

For her part, Krakow completely owns up that “I'm proud of our show. I'm a Heartie,” and she offers the same enthusiasm to fans.

Kavan Smith says “These are the people you want living next to you, “of “When Calls the Heart” characters. These are who you want interacting with your children.”

While the drama is a television land creation, the values portrayed are attainable examples for all ages.

When Calls the Heart” viewers will be giving strong support on Christmas Day, and their faithfulness to the unique, family-friendly drama should keep it going strong for years.