While Kathie Lee Gifford is still sitting beside her morning show BFF of almost 11 years, Hoda Kotb, the “Today” show is making the most of her time, and not letting the laughter and silliness sour between the ladies. Part of the reason why Kathie Lee wanted to announce her departure to the public just over two weeks ago, far in advance of her April anniversary date for the event, was to allow fans to get used to the thought, and still enjoy “KLG & Hoda” in the same way they always have. For her part, Kathie Lee Gifford describes the “relief” of sharing her leaving, but she had kept to herself for some time, and glad that she had “done it well.” She also broke the news that she will be away for the month of January, devoting time to other projects.

This morning, December 28, is the final Friday of 2018, and the final “Tryday Friday” of the year for Kotb and Gifford who have both had a serious case of the sillies all week. There was another trivia game, this time covering the year’s movies, and the partners didn't fare any better than they did in the music competition, this time mostly blaming faulty buzzers.

Hoda was delighted to eat cake, while Kathie Lee took a sip of wine for every question, and every answer, in a game of which Celebrities were older than 40.

Faithful viewers love the conversation that can only occur between Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, who instantaneously took the nickname of “Egyptian goddess” from Kathie Lee. When it came to the pet names for family members, Kathie Lee Gifford took the cake, and Hoda took top honors.

Not the usual monikers

Following Kathie Lee's run through of the “Friday Funnies” humor segment, the subject came up of calling family members by pet names. Hoda didn’t hesitate to say that she never calls her longtime partner, Joel Schiffman, “Pooky,” or any such sappy label. She sticks to the “Honey” fallback as a favorite.

Kathie Lee revealed that from the time she and her late husband, Frank Gifford, met, she would refer to him in his first and last name, as in “Frank Gifford, would you pass the salt?” She insists that he liked the unique reference, which was used often through the day, and Hoda confirmed hearing the very different term of endearment.

When it came to the kids, Hoda admitted having lots of love names for her precious Haley Joy, and Kathie Lee had countless names for Cody and Cassidy. Cody went by “Codesville,” another very different choice. Doting mom, Gifford, gushed that there were “a mamillion” names for her now 25-year-old actress daughter, but most common was “Casserole” because she was delicious enough to eat.

Hoda revealed that the most offensive that names were revealed as “sweet cheeks.” “daddy,” and “Muffin.” Those results are completely understandable under the scrutiny of the #MeToo movement, and once again, Kathie Lee Gifford gave another little-known nickname that her late husband loved.

Long before P Diddy, a.k.a.

Sean Combs became a commercial and entertainment mogul, Kathie Lee called Gifford “Diddy” around the house.

Taking the title

It’s no shock that KLG loves giving out special names. It was she who bestowed “Fur Face” on the producer, Gavin Shulman, and “Donna Dorable” to the fourth hour’s Girl Friday, Donna Farizan. No nickname was given to an exotic, lovely member of the behind-the-scenes crew this morning, but Hoda Kotb had the title that any woman would love to take.

“What does Joel call you?” Kathie Lee Gifford inquires. “Beautiful, he calls me beautiful,” responds Kotb. “Well, drop the mic!” Gifford praises.

That single loving word was the perfect one to end on when it comes to pet names for beloved people, who should always be beautiful through loving eyes.