After Toei Animation debuted the much-awaited anime movie titled “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” in cinemas in Japan, fans all over the world are in for another treat. If the recent claims are true, then a new arc in “Dragon Ball Super” that will continue where the movie stopped will be introduced.

Latest 'DBS' leak

On their official Twitter account, Shonen Jump uploaded an image of the Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta and the fan-favorite character, Son Goku, wearing their uniforms with new symbols in the upcoming arc of “Dragon Ball Super.” The uniforms are still the old blue and white combination for Vegeta and the traditional Orange Keikogi with a blue undershirt.

However, what strikes many fans are the insignias or symbol that the two important characters are wearing on the upper right portion of their uniforms. Fans noticed that the symbols on their uniforms are the same symbol that the galactic police officer, Jaco, is wearing on his uniform.

New arc of Dragon Ball

This leaked image gives rise to speculation that the upcoming arc will be an original story that will be about the galactic patrollers. The Galactic Patrol is also known to many fans as the Galaxy police or the Space Police. It is composed of the cosmic police force that is led by the powerful Galactic King. This force is used to maintain order in the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Although the members of the force are very powerful, they are not powerful enough to clash with Frieza and his minions.

They are also expected to uphold the law on restricting the use of time travel. But it seems that Son Goku and Vegeta are not going to fight against the galactic patrol but alongside them.

If the recent speculation is true, it appears that the powerful Saiyans are going to face a new enemy that the galactic patrollers have long held in prison.

Will this new enemy be as powerful as Jiren the Gray or Broly? Does he have an alliance with Frieza? For now, information about this new character is still scarce and it is difficult to speculate about its identity.

The upcoming arc of “Dragon Ball Super” will pick up where the anime movie ended. Fans are excited to see their favorite characters in action once again.

However, for now, the only certain information is that this new chapter will be first seen in the Manga version of the series. Toei Animation will have to announce when the new arc of the anime series will be available.

The much-awaited anime movie is scheduled to be released in US cinemas starting January 16, 2019.