Viewers of "The Young and the Restless" are not big fans of the way the four members of the Rosales clan have invaded Genoa City. Some fans, however, have warmed up to the baby of the family a bit more than they have to her older siblings and sister-in-law. Mia, Rey, and Arturo have not been accepted by fans as much as Lola has. Lola seems to be the more level headed and innocent one in the group. Spoiler alerts indicate that this may soon change, as, during the week of Christmas, heartbreak is coming to Kyle. He has been trying his best to win this girl's trust, but she is going to overreact to an expensive handbag and end their relationship.

Lola will break Kyle's heart

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Kyle will give Ms. Rosales a gift that he believes she will love. Instead, Lola will mistake his gesture as trying to buy her affections. She already turned down his offer for financial assistance with her food truck business, and now will reject his Christmas gift as well. Lola knows Kyle is from a wealthy family and it would not be his style to give her something cheap. She will not take his feelings into consideration and will selfishly look at the situation through her own personal view.

Spoilers don't say if this is temporary or a clean permanent break u,p but Soap Dirt reports that fans are cheering the firing of Mal Young, who brought the Rosales clan to Genoa City.

Josh Griffith will take the helm and there is no way to know which direction he will take the show. With Summer gone, Lola is the only woman, at this time, that Kyle could possibly have a relationship with, but all of that could soon change.

'Y&R' may change the direction for Kyle and Lola

Josh Griffith may get rid of the entire Rosales clan, considering the fans believe them to be the blame for Doug Davidson being fired.

If Paul is brought back as the head of the GCPD, there really would not be room for both Rey and him. If the detective leaves town, his wife, Mia, naturally, would follow. This would most likely have an effect on the relationship between Lola and Kyle and send them their separate ways. So, even if Mal Young had not decided to have Lola overreact to a high dollar Christmas gift, the handwriting may already be on the wall for her character.

Kyle will be devastated that his gesture was rejected and decide this relationship is not worth the effort. Even so, Lola will soon be working as head chef for Devon's new restaurant, so there is no telling where this will end. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update the situation with Lola and Kyle. Make sure you don't miss one episode of "Y&R," which airs weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM ET on CBS.