Three latest snippets of the anime film “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” have been recently released through a series of TV spots and in YouTube ahead of its scheduled US debut. Fans all over the world have long been waiting for the much-awaited release of the most anticipated anime movie since the popular anime series ended earlier this year.

Release dates confirmed

The official web page of the upcoming anime film in the UK recently posted its official screening dates. The dubbed and subtitled anime movie will be available in the cinemas on January 23, 2019, and January 24, 2019.

You can check out the UK website of the anime film to see the cinemas where it will be available on the dates. In the USA it comes on January 16 according to Screen Rant.

Latest videos

Aside from the latest confirmation from the official website of “Dragon Ball Super: Broly,” the team behind the upcoming anime movie also released three new snippets that add more hype to the fans. The videos were posted by Toei Animation earlier today on their YouTube channel. These videos will be seen on various TV stations as part of the media campaign of the upcoming film to encourage more people to go to the cinemas and watch the anime film.

Each video lasts for only 15 seconds and is loaded with action scenes in every second of its runtime.

Every advertisement displays some action. This includes Broly charging up an energy beam from his mouth and gearing to throw a massive green energy ball. Minor moments like the fan-favorite Saiyan Son Goku and the Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta, team up to throw a double energy power. One of the videos also shows the annihilation of Son Goku’s homeworld and the presence of the fan-favorite villain Golden Frieza.

What to expect from the Broly movie?

The most-awaited anime film is the canonical retelling of the previous installment titled “Dragon Ball Z: Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan.” This installment was not considered by many fans as part of the genuine Dragon Ball universe since it was not included in the original manga made by Akira Toriyama.

However, all this has changed since the rebirth of this movie.

Akira Toriyama made the script of the upcoming anime film and revealed that the events in the movie took place in the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series. While Broly has not yet surfaced in the manga, his movie established a novelization by Masatoshi Kusakabe, popular for his “Naruto” novelization.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly” debuted in different cinemas in Japan on December 14, 2018. The rest of the world will have to wait until January 2019 to finally witness the biggest anime film of the popular anime series.