Ahead of the official release of Chapter 43 of "Dragon Ball Super," I explain all the new information emerging about the plot and the new villain, whose name and background is now known. From Jump (Magazine), I know that the chapter begins with a flashback that catapults us back in time to a long-ago era.

New details

Only at the end of a violent clash, the Dai Kaioshin succeeded in triumphing against the villain. It is known that the name of the villain is Moro. Apparently, the wiry Kaioh used his power to seal the enemy's magical power, allowing the Galactic Patrol to arrest him.

The space police, however, failed to kill him, so they decided to imprison him for more than 10 thousand years. Now that he has escaped, the patrollers need the Dai Kaioshin again.

Goku and Vegeta

Next, in the present, Goku and Vegeta are recruited by the Galactic Patrol and get involved in a mission together with Jaco and Merus. They must capture three bandits to be put to the test. The two heroes let Merus deal with it, observing the way the warrior treats the criminals. Finally, Goku tries to locate Moro's aura with teleportation, but the hero's Ki is warned by the villain, who manages to perceive that he is being hunted down. Kakaroth is enormously surprised since it is the first time that it happened.

Finally, mention is made of the power of Dai Kaioshin as a "divine force," suggesting that it was a truly formidable entity. We just have to wait for the release of Dragon Ball Super 43 on V-Jump to find out more details.

The monthly V-Jump is getting ready to welcome chapter 43 of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga. An image leaked online a few days ago.

The villain with the appearance of a goat, Moro was revealed by the makers. The events we will see in the new pages of the Toyotaro manga are not yet clear, but apparently, Goku and Vegeta will come into contact with the new enemy. Also, "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," World Mission will arrive in Japan on the 4 of April, reports My Nintendo News.

According to Anime News Network, "The game will include 1,160 cards and 350 characters from the first eight Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade card games, as well as the first two versions of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission.'" Meanwhile, there are rumors that the "DBS" franchise might release another anime series in April 2019. It could be announced this weekend during the Jump Festa. I will keep you updated once I receive more information, stay tuned.