The last episode ended with "To be continued" and the weight of what happens after the bench-clearing brawl that Melo started was finally seen on this episode. LaVar is seen angry at the players on the JBA roster and the situation between Lonzo and Denise gets tenser.

The aftermath

As Melo slapped an opposing player which prompted a benches-clearing brawl, Melo ended up being ejected and headed to the locker room where he was seen on his phone. When asked if he felt like he let his dad down, Melo said that he didn't feel like he did.

JBA USA ended up losing to Alytaus Dzukija 124-116 and LaVar blamed the loss on Melo.

After the game, LaVar headed to the locker room to give the team a talk as he was very mad. LaVar called Melo a selfish motherfucker and stated how mad he was at him multiple times as he talked with the team. LaVar was also mad at the new players he brought in as they weren't doing their job by trying to block a shot or get a rebound. After the game, LaVar talked to Melo, privately, and told him that he's losing value. LaVar said that he tried to make Melo cry when he talked to him.

The next stop, for the JBA international tour, is London. Due to the fight that occurred, two London teams decided not to play the JBA USA team.

At the next practice, the coaches of the JBA team were mad at the team for their attitude.

One of the coaches explained to the team how they're not cheering for their team and that their energy is down. Coach Doyle said that two players would be cut from the team and that Harrison Rieger is safe from being cut as he is a hard worker and comes early to practice to work on his game. It ended up being three players that got cut which were JaMichael Morgan, Cameron Clark, and Greg Floyd.

Gelo said those three players got cut because of attitude reasons.

Tense situation

In the season three finale, Denise said that she and Lonzo are now just co-parents. In the first episode of season four, Lonzo confirmed their breakup but ever since they decided to split, things haven't been going great.

When she and Gelo's ex-girlfriend Izzy went on Instagram live, someone told her to blink twice if Lonzo is a deadbeat dad which she did over exaggeratingly.

Lonzo said that what she did and what she called him hurt and that he plans on talking to her about it.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode four, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, Gelo and J-Ray talk about the situation between Lonzo and Denise and Lonzo and Denise see each other face-to-face for the first time since what happened.