After a two-week hiatus, "Ball in the Family" is back as season four has gotten underway. The episode started off with a tease of season four as clips from different parts of what will be seen in the fourth season was shown. One change the show has made is that there is a new theme song that is used for the show. In this episode, the JBA International tour starts off in Denmark and Denise and Zo spend time together as co-parents.


The JBA International tour starts off in Denmark as they are there to play the Svendborg Rabbits. In Denmark, LaVar, Melo, and Gelo went to visit the Egeskov castle.

During the tour, Melo was seen smacking a sculpture of Dracula and Gelo told him to stop as he was worried that Melo might break something as he's known for breaking stuff.

During the International tour, LaVar said he expects Gelo to be the captain of the team and he expects that Melo will be wild on the trip as that's the kind of person he is.

LaVar took 13 of the best players in the JBA on this tour. They are Melo, Gelo, Cameron Brown, Calvin Clark, Curtis Harris, Deon Lyle, Nate Morris, Je'Rell Springer, Harrison Rieger, Corey Boyd, JaMichael Morgan, Greg Floyd, and Jordan Ray.

The purpose of this trip was to get the players exposure to teams overseas who would be able to sign them from this trip as LaVar has told all the teams that they're playing for that reason.

For someone like Curtis Hollis, this is a huge opportunity as he's never left the country before and it was his dream to do so, which was achieved thanks to LaVar.

The first practice before the game, Melo and Jordan "Hollywood" Ray who's also known as J-Ray didn't show up to practice so coach Doyle had a talk with the team to explain to them that's it's unacceptable to be late or not show up to practice.

The second practice, Melo and J-Ray came 45 minutes late to which came at the disapproval of LaVar. Melo said he was late for practice because he was sleeping. LaVar was also mad at Gelo because he didn't bring Melo to practice but Gelo doesn't understand why his father was mad at him as he thinks that it isn't his responsibility.

The day before the game, the JBA team got kicked out of the hotel they were staying at as they were all being too loud by communicating with each other through the windows. Calvin who was on the ground tried to throw his phone for Melo to catch but it ended up hitting the ground. All was good though, as his phone didn't end up cracking. They ended up settling in a hotel that was a mile away from where they were staying but they had to walk in the rain. None of the players enjoyed the new hotel as they said that it smelled bad and that the rooms and beds were small.

Their first game was against the Svendborg Rabbits which they won 120-118 on a buzzer-beater by Greg Floyd who got the ball from an airball shot from Gelo who tried to shoot a three.

Injury update

While talking to DMO, Zo said that his knee is progressing well from surgery according to doctors but he still isn't ready to participate in five-on-five or full contact practices. Despite him not being able to practice, Zo said that there was a high chance that he would be ready for the start of the season.


In the last episode of season three, Denise explained that they are now just co-parents rather than a couple. When asked about him and Denise for the first time, Lonzo confirmed that they're no longer together and that for now, they're just parents. Despite no longer being together, Zo says that he still talks to Denise every day as they do have a child together.

Zo said that co-parenting has gone well so far and that there haven't been many problems.

Denise was seen over at Zo's apartment and they were talking and seemed to be getting along fine. When asked if there's a chance that they would get back together, Denise said that she doesn't know and Zo said that whatever happens, happens.

Denise's life

As Denise's over her pregnancy, she was interviewed on how things are going for her and what she's been up to. She said that she's been working out a lot and that she's made new friends from Los Angeles who are all older than her. From spending time in LA, Denise says that LA is a place where everybody knows everybody.

Denise was seen hanging out with her friend Kaliah as she brought sushi for both of them to eat. While she was there, Denise was seen throwing Zoey in the air and she said that throwing Zoey in the air is like a workout.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode two, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, the JBA players are in Lithuania and they're seen driving and riding in tanks. Melo is seen struggling as he's missing shots. Melo also gets into a fight with an opposing player which turns into a benches-clearing brawl which got LaVar mad at Melo. Back in Chino Hills, Tina is seen doing rehab.