After playing for BC Vytautas, Melo, Gelo, and LaVar are back in Lithuania as part of the JBA international tour but things don't turn out well in their return. Back at home, Tina continues rehab as she tries to get back to full health after she suffered from a stroke a while back.

Back in Lithuania

The Balls return to Lithuania to play games as part of the JBA international tour. The first thing they do, while back in Lithuania, is ride tanks. LaVar said that it's important that the players explore the different countries they go to so they can get a sense of different cultures around the world.

LaVar said that traveling and exploring is the best type of learning and is better than sitting in a classroom. When asked who the best driver was, J-Ray said he was and the tank ride was a bumpy one as everyone in the tank was seen moving around from the bumpy pathway.

After the tank ride, they went to Charlie's pizza for dinner. At the restaurant, Melo asked the waitress if they serve tacos. This was met with laughter from his peers. For dinner, Gelo ordered a pepperoni pizza and a large glass of milk, which was quite ironic as whatever his dad LaVar eats, he usually gets a large glass of milk with his order. At the restaurant, LaVar explained to Melo that he has to play defense more. He also said that Melo is learning that the game is not about him but it's about the team and doing whatever it takes to win.

The next day, the JBA players play Sintek Jonova where they try and get another win. While the game was on, LaVar was heard on the sidelines talking about how playing man-to-man defense wouldn't work and that they needed to start double teaming players on defense in order to win. The JBA ended up losing that game 126-118. LaVar blamed the loss on Melo as after the game, he told Melo that he "fucked that game up".

After the game, LaVar was seen taking pictures with fans who attended the game. In total, the team committed 17 turnovers with Melo accounting for ten of them.

When he was able to talk to Melo, LaVar told him that he's disappointed in him as he's not passing the ball and that he's playing selfishly. LaVar also told him that he isn't focused on the game and that Melo isn't a good leader.

Despite what LaVar told him, Melo said he feels no pressure from his dad.

One reason why the JBA lost that game was because they lacked rebounds so to improve on rebounds, LaVar brought in Big Jelly, Melvin Davis and Nyang Wak to improve the team. Another reason why he brought them in was that they lost their biggest player, Nate Morris to a knee injury and ended up going home.

When asked if he was enjoying the trip, Melo said that he wasn't but he also said that he doesn't miss school.

The JBA played a game the next day and were up 68-54 at halftime. LaVar said that he saw improvements in Melo's game after he talked to him. Things didn't go so well though as Melo started a benches-clearing brawl with an opposing player which resulted in his ejection.

LaVar was seen extremely mad at Melo after the fight occurred. LaVar was so mad that he said that he wanted to "choke the hell out of Melo" What happens next will be seen next Sunday as the episode ended with "To be continued..."

Tina's rehab

With LaVar out of the country, Tina will be staying at her parents' house and doing rehab with a therapist. She was seen walking on a treadmill with assistance from a therapist and a vest attached that she was attached to. She was also seen walking off the treadmill without her cane but was being assisted by a therapist. Tina said that her goal is to be able to walk without a cane by Christmas.

She also said that she feels discomfort and pain in her arm but she says that the pain and discomfort is a good thing as it is a sign that she's progressing in the right direction.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode three, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, LaVar is extremely mad at Melo for the benches-clearing brawl and he's seen getting mad in the locker room after the game with the whole team in the room. Denise said that Lonzo is a deadbeat dad which Lonzo said those comments hurt him a little bit and he plans on talking to Denise about it.