''This Is Us'' is approaching the half-season finale and there are a lot of things piling up on the unresolved-items column. Tension has been growing lately as each member of the Pearson family seems to be at a major crossroad in their lives. At one end, we have Kevin who decided to start digging into his father's past and he sees his efforts joined by his new girlfriend Zoe who happens to be great at documenting things.

Somewhere in between the whole cluster, stands Randall and his decision to run for a public office. Always used to running his decisions by Beth, he discovered his wife's recent struggle and had the brilliant idea to offer Beth a place in his campaign.

Kate is having her life tested too as Toby's battle with depression reached a tipping point.

According to tvinsider.com, the upcoming episode will most likely focus on how Jack and Rebecca started to build a future together. Probably, the whole Vietnam story will get more attention after that. According to IMDb, the confirmation for ''This Is Us'' Season 4 is yet to be made but the feeling is that the show will continue for more than three seasons.

Kevin Pearson might dig out dark secrets belonging to Jack

Going to war has never been an easy step. Therefore, Jack's decision to keep his family far from any detail on that period seems like a commonsense solution to protect those he loves from knowing disturbing things.

When asked by Kevin whether or not is a good idea to pursue the Vietnam investigation, Randall reminded his brother what their father's wish was on the matter.

Apparently, there's no way to put that inner flame away as Kevin surprised Zoe with his plans to go to Vietnam. He even applied for a visa. It may seem that Kevin has been manipulating Zoe's investigative availability in his favor perhaps knowing that she won't be able to say no to an adventurous proposal.

Seeing that old photo with Jack and that local Vietnamese woman drove Kevin even deeper into this new adventure. Moreover, he has been wearing that necklace for decades without knowing its story. Now, he knows where it came from so it's only natural to crave for more information on the matter.

Jack Pearson's past can redefine Kevin as a person

Jack Pearson's puzzle comes with some strings attached. Take Kevin Pearson for example. He has a special bond with his father, a connection that transcends the limits of time. It's also Kevin's softest spot and the one that might put him in harm's way once again.

Up to this point, Kevin has nothing but the image of a perfect man when it comes to his father. His decision to go to Vietnam might jeopardize the whole thing. And, if some dark secrets are to emerge from that trip, there are no guarantees that Kevin's perspective won't be subject to alteration.

Having Zoe with him on this endeavor might help to tip the scales to a neutral zone. An analytic person to the core, Zoe is a valuable addition and she has the skills to provide Kevin with a neutral perspective of whatever he might discover in Vietnam.