On Friday's episode (November 2) of "The Young and the Restless," Billy, Jack, and Kyle were blindsided when their family company was taken over by three women. Phyllis, who was hired last week as the new Jabot CEO, announced on Thursday (November 1) that Kerry would take Ashley's place as the lead chemist. Phyllis then told the male heirs of John Abbott that she was not choosing either of them as her right-hand man and that Lauren would be coming on board as COO. The men all bowed out graciously, but later, Kyle and Billy decided to put their differences aside and devise a plan that would remove Ms.

Newman from the top position.

Genoa City embraces girl power

Summer applauded Phyllis, Kerry, and Lauren for attaining the top positions in the Abbott family company. All four women laughed and shouted "girl power." Phyllis then outlined her plan to place expensive, well-known products from other companies on the shelves at Fenmore. She said that, in addition, Kerry could create new fragrances that were similar to the patents that Ashley took with her to Paris.

The women believe they will have the fastest growing company in Genoa City, and around the world, and have no idea that Billy and Kyle are planning to take back the legacy that John Abbott left for his family. As Jack's brother and son were talking, Billy pointed out that both of them must toe the line.

They cannot make any moves that would tarnish the name of Jabot any further and would have to be above board with any method that would cause Phyllis to self-destruct.

Kerry brings a fresh approach to Jabot

Phyllis said that Kerry's past experience as a chemist will bring a fresh new approach to Jabot, which will lead the company into the future.

Along with Summer and Lauren, Ms. Newman is certain that she will retain her position and take the Abbott family business to new heights. She is basking in her moment of glory, letting her guard down, and has absolutely no idea what Kyle and Billy are planning. Since the Abbott men have decided not to fight dirty, no one will see them coming until it is too late.

I have to note here, that Peter Bergman is devastated that Eileen Davidson is leaving.

Phyllis says she and Lauren will reign supreme, with help from Kerry, but longtime "Y&R" viewers know that the girl power will not last long. The women may be on top now, but the Abbotts will eventually run their family company again Be on the lookout for additional recaps and updates related to the changes at Jabot. Things are becoming very intense so stay tuned.