"Dragon Ball Super" is a Japanese animated series, produced by Toei Animation, broadcast in Japan on Fuji Television, which is a sequel to the defeat of Majin Bu. Meanwhile, a tweet that appeared on the web surprised fans as it showed the cover of the eighth edition of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga which is due next month. It will apparently see the beginning of a new narrative arc, as well as the long-awaited conclusion of the spectacular Tournament of Power.

For those who don't know, the manga version is produced on a monthly basis, conceived and scripted by Akira Toriyama and designed by Toyotaro.

The manga has been serialized on V-Jump (Shueisha) from June 20, 2015, and is now in Chapter 4, with the first 36 writings collected in 7 volumes. The manga is currently dealing with the narrative arc, Universal Survival, (Tournament of Power).

DBS Manga

As the fans certainly know, the "Dragon Ball Super" manga is about to reach the highly anticipated end of the Tournament of Power. The competition has nothing less than the destruction of the universes of those teams that end up as losers. Obviously, given that even the animated transposition stopped after the conclusion of this tournament, there is a lot of curiosity among the fans as to how the authors will decide to continue the story in the next chapters.

Well, recent news is that Shueisha will publish the eighth volume (which will resume narrating from chapter number 37) of the series starting November 21, on the Japanese market, and, thanks to Supa Saiy-jin Roze's tweet, we can observe something from the illustration that will act as the cover of this volume. The image portrays Goku and Crilin as they travel on a flying car, inside what looks like an amusement park, presaging a period of peace that follows the strenuous battle soon to end.

A new narrative arc

The aforementioned drawing is accompanied by a caption that announces the beginning, within this volume, of a new narrative arc (which, it seems, will start with the November 21 issue of V-Jump. Comic Book notes that nothing is known of what awaits us in this new adventure that is about to begin. Given the image that introduces the volume, it seems like the time has come to relax.

Our protagonists, get to recover their energy after the efforts of the Tournament of Power. However, we may also see in the manga what we anticipate viewing on our screens from next December 14 during the screening of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly."