In an exclusive report, published on November 6, Radar Online stated that Jon Gosselin is “fighting tooth and nail” for his son, Collin. Gosslin wants Collin, 14, in his custody on December 18. That is the date that Jon’s friend, Eric Rodriguez, told Radar that Collin is getting out of the residential treatment facility where he has lived full-time since 2016.

Jon’s barber-friend gave scoop on plans

Rodriguez lives in Reading, Pennsylvania, and is a barber where Jon and Collin went during a recent visit between father and son. Proud father, Jon, also shared a photo of the two while at Mike & Joe’s Barber Salon, which is located in his hometown.

Jon is feeling hopeful, according to Rodriquez, that Collin will be leaving the facility before Christmas. Rodriguez provided Radar with an upbeat update about how the visit went. Hannah was also with Jon and her brother.

Son could soon be joining Hannah

Hannah and Collin are two of Jon and ex-wife Kate’s sextuplets. The former couple also has twin daughters, Mady and Cara, who are now young adults. They recently celebrated turning 18, with each parent posting loving and supportive birthday wishes on their individual Instagram accounts.

Collin was sent by Kate to live in a residential facility. She proclaimed to the media, and the world as a byproduct of publications, that he had some issues. To attain the skills needed for coping better, she found it was best for him if he lived away from his family.

Two years later, and from the sound of things, according to Jon’s friend Rodriguez, Collin is about ready to return home. If Jon has his way, and if he prevails after filing for custody on October 24, then Collin will be living with him and with Hannah, it seems. US Weekly reported that Jon filed the necessary court documents, seeking custody, in Pennsylvania.

Collin appeared happy with dad and with sister

Hannah has reportedly been living with Jon for almost a year, according to US Weekly. Rodriguez stated that Collin sure seemed happy to be with his father and his sister during his most recent visit.

Radar pointed out that Rodriquez gushed about Collin’s smile, which was a clear sign of how happy he was to be with two of his family members.

Dad cites ‘best interest’ in seeking custody

Radar reported that the court documents filed by Jon state that it is in Collin’s “best interest” to live with his dad when he gets out of the facility. Kate is not very likely to let Jon obtain custody without putting up some type of legal challenge. After all, she wanted a judge to reverse a ruling that was handed down respective of custody regarding their daughter, Hannah.

Since the former reality star couple parted ways in 2009, Jon and Kate have feuded, and very publicly, over their children’s custody. Their interactions have been contentious, which is bound to have had some effects on their children.

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