Saturday Night Live executives have been doing damage control since last week when Pete Davidson made a joke about Republican Congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL, who was severely wounded in an IED attack while fighting in Afghanistan. Deadline reported that Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye in an IED attack while serving in Afghanistan. The outlet reports that SNL cast member Kenan Thompson said that Davidson's joke "missed the mark," and that the show was finding a way to make it right. This is "SNL's" 44th season and it continues to make politically-driven jokes.

During last weekend's Weekend Update segment, Davidson joked that Crenshaw looked like he was a "hitman in a p*rno," which drew anger from people on both sides of the aisle. This ended up with Pete Davidson back on the Weekend Update on Saturday offering a sincere apology to Congressman-Elect Dan Crenshaw, who showed up to accept his apology.

Pete Davidson said Crenshaw was actually a good guy and a war hero and that he deserves all of the respect in the world. This time, Crenshaw would have the last laugh. Crenshaw poked fun at Davidson with an Ariana Grande ringtone. Davidson recently broke up with Ariana Grande. Crenshaw also joked about Davidson's looks with zingers similar what Davidson delivered last week.

Dan Crenshaw accepts Pete Davidson apology

At the end of the segment, the two shook hands and called for civility. Crenshaw said that there was a lot that everyone can learn from watching this. Not only can people on the left and right agree on some things, but that Americans can forgive each other. Crenshaw talked about the heroes we lost and should "never forget." Crenshaw mentioned Davidson's father, who was a New York firefighter who died on 9/11.

Many Republicans and Democrats demanded an apology from "SNL" on behalf of all veterans. Crenshaw told The Washington Post that he did not need an apology but was disappointed that the joke was not funny. Pete Davidson remained quiet since he delivered the joke last weekend.

Dan Crenshaw is now a House Rep focused on bipartisanship

Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw is one of several veterans that were just elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in the recent midterm elections. Crenshaw who is only 34, is seen by many to be one of the top rising stars in the Republican Party. Crenshaw once called Trump an idiot and criticized his policies. However, he appears to have turned a page and said that someone can agree with Pres. Trump's agenda but disagree with what he says.

Pete Davidson's apology comes during a time when the country is extremely divided by politics. Perhaps Americans can take what these two have done and see that we can disagree with each other on ideas but still treat each other with respect.