Daniel Lissing has good things to look forward to this Christmas. The Australian actor, who embodied the dutiful and selfless Mountie Jack Thornton through five seasons of “When Calls the Heart,” on the Hallmark Channel felt his own pains of heartache when he made the difficult decision to leave the series. The drama has become the most beloved series, ever, on Hallmark, and fans were devastated when Elizabeth Thornton had to face the loss of the love of her life.

Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow, and Lori Loughlin all broke the news of Lissing’s departure to fans as a united front after the Season 5 finale.

Daniel Lissing had to take more than his share of barbed comments on social media. He was also coping with his own adjustment of leaving something that meant so much more than simply his professional work.

Daniel Lissing understands that the initial responses “came from a place of hurt,” after countless fans had become completely invested with the passionate, but not an ostensibly physical relationship of Jack and Elizabeth over five seasons. Now, the creative actor, musician, and writer found passion beyond his profession, divulging in a November 8 Yahoo! interview that he is “in love” and looking forward to these Christmas holidays for more reasons than one.

He also assured fans that he is as much a “When Calls the Heart” fan as ever, and as close to his castmates now as he once was while shooting on set.

He sees a bright and exciting future for himself and for “When Calls the Heart,” and only hopes that his own fans and those of the family-friendly drama will “give it a shot,” as he elaborated in a Click2Houston feature.

The gift not under the tree

It's nothing under his Christmas tree that makes these December days special for Daniel Lissing.

Even though a poisonous snake was discovered in another Christmas tree. It's the new love that will be making all his moments brighter around it. The star doesn't want to dish details or reveal her name just yet. He does say that the two met while traveling and that she shares his love of adventure.

The new lady in Lissing’s life is not an actress, and Lissing seems fine with that difference.

He stays in contact with Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, and the crew of “When Calls the Heart” at least “weekly, if not more.” He would love to make a Hallmark movie with Erin Krakow in “modern times” and feels certain that fans would love to see it. Lissing most cherishes his friendships with “When Calls the Heart” co-stars and production teammates that the leading man still genuinely considers as “family” and always will.

He also stated that he and his special lady will make a social media appearance “at some point soon” to make their “coupledom” official. Lissing enthusiastically promises that “I'll be supporting them,” referring to his “When Calls the Heart” family. The leading man feels certain that bright futures are ahead for all the favorite characters and the same family-friendly “Hallmark-iness” will remain a fixture.

Just like the title

At the moment, real life is imitating art for Daniel Lissing. His new 2018 Christmas offering, “Christmas in Love,” is set to debut this Sunday, November 11, on the Hallmark Channel. The talented actor was drawn to this story the minute he read the script and already has shared some fun on the set with Brooke D’Orsay in previews. He already has another Christmas wedding story, “December Bride,” from 2016, in regular holiday viewing rotation.

Erin Krakow completed the wedding dream of her “Father Christmas” character, Miranda Chester, in “Marrying Father Christmas,” as her Hallmark offering for this season. The 2018 “When Calls the Heart” Christmas movie is slated for Christmas Day.

Fans’ hearts should be filled to the brim with joy and love.

The “Christmas in Love” project went through quite a few titles before settling on this brief, but meaningful, one. Lissing plays Nick Carlingson, a high-powered corporate CEO, who comes to the small-town bakery run by Orsay’s character. Daniel loves that the process demands that two “colliding ideologies” must come together, creating some comic moments in between, and forming a message that speaks “when we need hope and love and a little bit of togetherness,” the versatile star explains.

Daniel Lissing described being somewhat embarrassed about breaking the news of his newfound love, but love should never be something to hide. It should only be shared, and December is the perfect time to give and receive love as the dearest blessing of all.