Jenelle Evans is on a road trip that has taken her to the majestic Sequoia National Park in California to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The photos that she has shared on her Instagram with fans and social media followers are beautiful. While the state has faced an onslaught of fires and deaths, Jenelle mentioned that “Malibu is like a second home to me. I can’t imagine,” the Hollywood Gossip pointed out.

Trolls latch onto every word to find fault

Of course, there is nothing she can state that will not draw trolls to latch onto her every word and find fault.

Some comments are just downright mean. It is also unnecessary and unwarranted for people to question if she included California in her road trip to make a drug run.

Star shared video from Malibu in the past

Considering so many critics follow her every move, looking for the opportunity to pounce, it is astonishing that they did not recall her YouTube channel video that she posted in the past when she and David taped “Off the Grid Adventures: Malibu Creek.” Café Mom evidently does not interpret Jenelle’s trip as some shady maneuver to score drugs or neglect her children.

Plain and simple: Jenelle took a vacation with her husband, regardless if others approve of her spouse or his presence. The mother of three appeared to be enjoying the scenery and doing so quite happily. Her captions complemented the photos she shared rather well.

Nature’s beauty not lost on reality star

While immersed in nature among California’s giant redwood trees, she posted the comment with her photo, “This is the most magical place I’ve ever been in my life!” She also mentioned, “Don’t ever take it for granted.” It is good to see that she appreciates nature’s wonders and has the opportunity to take in some of the splendor before she heads back home.

Café Mom gave the star’s trip and the devastation caused by fires in California perspective by stating that the destruction “sucks.” Life, however, does not come to a complete standstill as a result. Jenelle’s travel plans were likely mapped out in advance, not even knowing that there would be fires plaguing so many areas and obliterating the town of Paradise, California.

MTV mom has life outside of television

With the fires, it would be impossible for anyone to not realize what is happening – and that includes Jenelle. She has a life outside of MTV filming snippets for its “Teen Mom 2” episodes. Possibly some of her critics might wish to consider that she is entitled to live and to find joy in events she experiences and places she visits.

Totally okay that reality personality took a vacation

As Café Mom duly noted, it is totally acceptable for Jenelle to take a vacation without her children. She will be returning to them. The publication even gave clear directions for the people who are “consumed” with hating her and everything she says and does. No one forces haters to follow her on social media just to lash into her.

Mom of three has followers who also liked the photos

There are also followers who appreciated seeing the photos that Jenelle shared of her trip. One Instagram user stated, “Sequoias are so beautiful!! If you’re in California you should definitely go to Yosemite.” Another follower, with the account @tanya.garrison, wrote, “Come to Oregon - I will show you some amazing places, take you crabbing.” A third follower thanked Jenelle for keeping her travel plans, “despite the fires,” adding, “California is a HUGE state— there is plenty to see that is far from the fires!!”

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