This was never the life that Mike Stud imagined as he seemed poised to have a career in professional baseball. He received a scholarship to play DI baseball at Duke University until he tore his UCL and had Tommy John surgery. He then ended up becoming a rapper and it has worked out really well for him.

About Mike Stud

Mike Stud was born on October 30, 1988, with the name Michael Seander in Cranston, Rhode Island. In high school, he played both baseball and basketball where he excelled at both. In his senior year, he averaged 21 points and seven rebounds which earned him second team all-state honors.

In baseball, he put up a record of eight wins and two losses with a 0.72 ERA with 88 strikeouts. In his senior year, his record was nine wins and two losses with a 0.91 ERA and 107 strikeouts which got him Gatorade Player of the Year and Louisville Slugger Player of the Year in Rhode Island.

Once he graduated high school, he got a scholarship to attend Duke University to be on the baseball team where he was teammates with current Blue Jays pitcher, Marcus Stroman. He has the lowest ERA in Duke history with a 1.61 ERA. His fantastic performance led him to be named to multiple Freshmen All-American teams. Due to a UCL tear, he was forced to sit out his junior year but ended up graduating from Duke University with a 3.4 GPA and was also an honor roll student.

In his last year of college eligibility, he played for Georgetown University where he graduated with a degree in sports management.

Mike Stud's music career

As he wasn't able to play baseball for a full year due to Tommy John surgery, he needed something to do to pass the time so he turned to music. In 2010, he released a music video called "College Humor" which was supposed to be a joke for his teammates but it ended up reaching other people as it currently has over two million views on YouTube.

To his fans, Mike Stud is known as "Steve" and Mike calls his fans "Steves" which is in reference to his dog whose name is Steve. Mike also has a catchphrase of "YNK" which is a short form for 'Ya Neva Know".

Due to his success with "College Humor," he released his first mixtape under the name "Toast to Tommy" which is in reference to Tommy John surgery.

The mixtape contains 17 songs with the most popular one being "Happy Ending".

His first album, he named "Relief" which was released in May 2013. It features 14 songs with the only explicit song being "Batter Up". His second album release came in July 2014 and he called it "Closer.".The album has 14 songs with songs like "Closer" and "Out Here" and features Conrad Sewell on two songs and it also features Micky Blue.

He released a mini-album in October 2015 which is titled "This isn't the Album" and has eight songs. Some of the songs on this album are his most popular songs like "These Days" which is the song that he is best known for as it has over 18 million hits on YouTube. The album also features "Brightside" which is another best of Mike's songs and the album also features the song "Brand New".

Moosh, Twist, G4shi and Tdot Illdude are featured artists on this album.

Just three months later, he released his third album under the name "These Days" which featured multiple songs that he already recorded as well as new ones. The most popular song on that album is "Swish" which has close to 11 million views on YouTube. It also has a remix of his most popular song "These Days" which has Marcus Stroman making his own version of the song.

On November 12, 2018, he released his fourth album "4Thehomies". The album contains 23 songs like "W.I.N" and "Honolulu" and has features from Vory who is on four songs and also has a feature from Goody Grace. Multiple songs on this album were singles that Mike Stud already released but it also contained tons of new songs that were unreleased until the album came out.

Mike Stud is very well known to pro athletes as lots of professional athletes have been seen hanging out with him and follow him across various social media sites. Mike Stud has been seen with athletes like Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars, Marcus Stroman of the Toronto Blue Jays, Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots, Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers and multiple other professional athletes. On Instagram, Mike has 247 thousand followers.

Upcoming events for Mike

With his new album, Mike Stud announced his upcoming tour which starts on January 22, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. He also makes stops in St.Louis, Chicago, Boston, New York, Toronto and many other cities where he will be performing.

The tour concludes on February 23 in Atlanta.

He has named his tour "The Final Mike Stud Tour". To some, people thought that this was the last tour he was ever going on but those worries were squashed when it was clarified by fans that he was changing his stage name to "MIKE" when his upcoming tour is done.