Mia Rosales arrived up in Genoa City on Tuesday, and within 24 hours she had taken the town by storm. Rey's estranged wife showed up unannounced at his apartment, and by Wednesday she had tried to seduce him, lied to Sharon that she and her bubby were getting back together and was hired by Lauren to give Phyllis a makeover. She made friends with Abby, irritated Lola and flirted with Billy. Spoiler alert for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Mrs Rosales is going to attend the Jabotique launch party and have a wonderful time, even competing with Michael on the dance floor.

Her past affair with brother in law Arturo, however, might put a damper on things.

Mia taking over Genoa City

Mia showed up on Rey's doorstep and quickly realized that there is something brewing between her estranged spouse and Nick's ex. She immediately began trying to seduce Rey and let Sharon know that she was claiming her husband. Mia moved into the apartment Rey is leasing from Sharon and was hired by Lauren to do Phyllis's makeup for the Jabotique launch party. She even made a favorable impression on Abby and also flirted with Billy.

Spoilers from Soap Hub indicate that Mrs Rosales will take Genoa City by storm, and indeed she has. Mia managed to argue with Lola and Arturo and got Rey to escort her to the Jabotique event.

She took to the dance floor with Michael and began acting as if she fit right in with the rich, famous and elite who were in attendance. On Thursday, however, things took a downturn when an encounter with Arturo caused Mia to blurt out in front of everyone that she once had an affair with her husband's brother.

Rosales family may not be in Genoa City much longer

Mia's takeover hit a sudden halt when all of Genoa City heard on Thursday that she and Arturo had an affair. Mal Young having the Rosales family front and center may also come to an abrupt end because of the way "The Young and the Restless" is suffering since he took over. Soap Dirt points out that the core families on the show, the Abbott's, Newmans, are rarely seen anymore.

Spoilers indicate that Mal Young's changes are causing ratings to decrease and fans are calling for CBS to fire the new head writer/executive producer. Viewers want to see more of the core Genoa City families and even have a petition going online to get the attention of CBS. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts related to Mia Rosales and her family. Continue to watch "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST on CBS.