The proud parents of Mady and Cara Gosselin, Jon and Kate, each shared the joy of their twin daughters becoming adults on Instagram on October 8, according to UPI. News on social media that the former reality show stars turned 18 left many fans and followers feeling shocked that the years suddenly seemed to have flown by from the time the Gosselin family first appeared on reality television in 2007, Nicki Swift and Entertainment Tonight reported.

Memorable minutes during ‘Today’ show interview

Who, among the Gosselins’ fans, will ever forget the phenomenal minutes that Mady and Cara shared time on the “Today” show with their mother, Kate, during an interview with Savannah Guthrie in 2014.

Kate did great, but her daughters were even better. It was stellar television, riveting for viewers who waited and waited and… well, neither Mady nor Cara wished to say a word.

Kate's facial expression said it all

If there is one word that described Kate’s expression, coupled with her body language, it was awkward. Viewers could see that it was an uncomfortable time for Kate. She stated, “I don't want to speak for them but, Mady, go ahead,” Nicki Swift reported. The anticipation of what Mady would relay was intense. Finally, Mady broke the silence, conveying, “No.” Whoa, that was a lot to say in one small word. Mady told her mother, “You just said it."

Viewers understood that Mady and Cara had a special bond with their mother, who, at times, did not seem to know when to back off, which the family’s reality show captured.

That her daughters made it to 18, living with their mom, is truly a blessing for Kate.

Parents give Mady, Cara pride-filled nod

In recognition of their daughters becoming adults, Mady and Cara’s parents, Kate and Jon, each posted their own messages, giving them a pride-filled nod on Instagram. Kate noted that as her daughters “thrive,” she will “be with” them “every step of the way.” Jon wished his daughters a happy birthday, letting them know that he loves them, UPI reported.

Social media followers floored by twins’ birthday

Kate’s social media followers noted birthday well-wishes for Mady and Cara, along with a plethora of comments expressing disbelief that they just turned 18. “Holy cow,” @jennmoslek remarked, adding, “ALL grown up & Gorgeous!”

Gosselins did not expose children to feuding

Included with Nicki Swift’s article, there is in-depth information about Mady and Cara, including how they fared following their parents’ divorce.

“Honestly,” Mady reportedly told “The View” in 2014, “it wasn’t hard on us.” While they were aware of what was happening, they were not exposed to such things as feuding between their parents. Since the Gosselin family left reality television, following Jon’s and Kate’s break up and divorce, fans may feel as if they have missed out on a lot as Jon’s and Kate’s eight children have become older.

Mady and Cara appear headed to college

Both Mady and Cara are reportedly goal-oriented. According to Nicki Swift, the twins are “very driven in all aspects of their lives.” They appear to be aiming for college, based on an Instagram message that Kate posted when they turned 17. She stated that they will “soon be leaving for college,” adding that her heart “smiles” in realizing they are “brilliant, beautiful, kind, caring, logical, responsible, empathetic, honest, amazing individuals!"

Instagram user @angiewebb81 seems to have expressed how many social media fans and followers feel after realizing that Mady and Cara are now adults.

“Happy birthday girls!!! Now I feel old!!”

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