Last year, the Ball family went to Hawaii for a family vacation and this year they decided to go to Bora Bora. In Bora Bora, Melo is acting like a maniac and Tina attempts to progress in her rehab from a stroke so she can do as much as she can in Bora Bora.


After the long 11 hour flight from Chino Hills to Bora Bora, the Ball family goes out on a boat. LaVar warns Melo not to jump off the boat because he knows that Melo likes to jump off of moving things. Once they settle into the property they're renting out, LaVar said that Bora Bora is the perfect place to nap and his goal is to take 100 naps on the trip.

LaVar said that the purpose of this family vacation is to relax and to spend time with the family. A relax is needed for everyone as LaVar has been working very hard with his JBA league, Melo and Gelo need a break from basketball after playing for quite a bit and Tina needs some time to relax from her rehab and enjoy being on vacation.

The whole Ball family is out in Bora Bora which includes Tina and LaVar's parents, LaVar's brothers LaValle and Ren as well as J-Ray and Gelo's friend Anthony.

Melo said that the biggest thing he's looking forward to in Bora Bora is going on the jet skis. The boys were seen on the jet skis multiple times and Melo almost crashed his jet ski into the boat that had the crew and the rest of his family on it.

A different time they went on, Melo splashed his family and crew on the boat which almost damaged a camera that costs $100 000. Tina's mother Noni is also seen on a jet ski.

The boys already ran into some trouble on the first night as the bed broke in Melo's room where J-Ray was also staying. The next morning, Melo and J-Ray are seen in Gelo's room with Anthony and the property manager had to talk to the boys and told them that they had to respect the property.

J-Ray said that the bed was broken before they got there.

Another activity that the Ball family did was snorkeling. LaVar, his brothers, and the boys go snorkeling underwater and they're all wearing huge cubical oxygen masks. When the instructor who went with them brought them a stingray to pet, J-Ray came out of the water because he was afraid.

When LaVar was asked if he was nervous about petting the stingray, LaVar said: "Big Baller never gets nervous."


As Tina suffered a stroke over a year ago, she isn't able to do as much as she could wish to. In Bora Bora, Tina was seen doing rehab in order to get her body stronger. She was seen throwing a football in the water with her mom which she threw and caught the ball with relative ease. While throwing, Tina experienced tingling in her body which Noni said was good as that means that she isn't paralyzed as if she was paralyzed, she wouldn't have felt the tingling.

When LaVar's parents were asked how they thought Tina was progressing, they said it was remarkable and that they're really impressed with her recovery.

Tina was also seen in a bikini for the first time in a while which brought a lot of attention to her.

While some of the family was doing activities, Tina was sitting on the boat watching which made Gelo feel bad as she couldn't do what everyone else was doing. One thing that was difficult for Tina to do while in Bora Bora was to walk on the sand which she had a really hard time doing so. It was very hard for her that LaVar and his brothers had to carry her part of the way when they needed to walk in the sand.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode 23, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, Melo and Gelo are seen sneezing when a cat comes nearby which they say is from being allergic to cats even though Gelo said he got over his allergies.

It is also revealed for the first time that Gelo had a cat with his ex-girlfriend Izzy and that he let Izzy keep the cat. Also, since Gelo and Izzy are no longer together, Gelo is asked a lot of questions about his love life.