The horror film "A Quiet Place" became one of the biggest hits of the genre this year, prompting John Krasinski to build on the success of his directorial debut. Plot details are still under wraps, but Krasinski did explain the reasoning behind the decision to create a follow-up film. According to Variety, John Krasinski originally did not want to do a sequel, saying he believed he thought the first film explored something unique and special.

John Krasinski ended up with the idea of expanding on the world that the story's characters find themselves in.

The world is different and very unique. In the first film, creatures have invaded Earth, killing everything in their path.

The monsters have the ability to hear everything, which allows them to pursue the slightest of sounds and slaughter their victims. The director also explained that the creatures wouldn't be the main driving force behind future stories, but instead, the characters would move the story forward. Krasinski said his films would not be like "Jaws," or "Alien," where the villain is the thing you're repeating. His story has an entire set of rules and circumstances that the world has undergone that you can play with in future films.

'A Quiet Place' success begs for a sequel

When "A Quiet Place" was released last April, it destroyed the box office competition and drew in the crowds. While it is a monster and horror movie, its a deep analysis of the family adjusting to life following a global disaster, and also a massive experiment in silent filmmaking.

To make the film even richer, Krasinski cast an actor with a disability.

John Krasinski is working on direction for sequel

John Krasinski announced at the 10th annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards, that he has begun writing down an idea for the sequel and he hopes it is good to shoot. At the Hamilton Awards, Krasinski presented awards to the "A Quiet Place" sound editors Erik Aadahl and Ethan Van der Ryn.

It was well-deserved recognition.

According to Comic Book, Krasinksi's wife, and "A Quiet Place" co-star, Emily Blunt, offered up some ideas that are being considered for a sequel. Blunt told Entertainment Weekly that a sequel could possibly dive into who these people were before the monster invasion. However, she acknowledges that people want to know what happens next for the family. Paramount has previously announced that the sequel will arrive in theaters on May 15, 2020.