John Krasinski hit the box office running with the premiere of "A Quiet Place" which broke records for the film category of horror. The movie which revolves around sound-hunting alien insects made quite an impact in the film industry. A major part of what makes an amazing movie is a great cast, and John Krasinski was aware of this when he decided on casting deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds, to play his on-screen daughter. John Krasinski not only co-wrote and directed the film but also acted in the film with his real wife, Emily Blunt.

Scott Beck, co-writer of the film told the Hollywood Reporter that they “always had a deaf character in the script, but John really pushed for them to hire Millicent.”

Is ‘A Quiet Place’ a big win for the deaf/disabled community in the film industry?

The deaf/disabled community in the film industry has been climbing up and made themselves more present in pop culture. Making appearances in multiple movies and television shows. Millicent Simmonds is well aware of this fact as she continues to advocate for her fellow deaf community. She was incredibly put together while explaining her views in an interview with NowThis. Simmonds said the following about the movie "A Quiet Place," "A story that might inspire directors and other screenwriting to include more deaf talent and be more creative in the way you use deaf talent.

I think that could be a wonderful thing to see." It is fantastic to see a young girl full of talent and be aware of this great achievement.

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What extremes would you go through to protect your family?

A Quiet Place” revolves around a family trying to survive in a post-invasion world full of blind creatures that hunt only with sound.

The Abbott family jumps through hoops to live another day in this world of silence because the monsters will pounce at the slightest of sounds. Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) and Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) show audiences what extremes they would go through to protect their family.

While watching this film, audiences couldn't help but wonder, what extremes they themselves would go through.

John Krasinski's “A Quiet Place” has consistently kept up in the box office. Even though the film is a near-silent movie, it keeps audiences at the edge of their seats. While watching this movie, I couldn't help but wonder if this were the beginning of something great for John Krasinski. It would be fantastic if we could expect to continue to see this type of work from him. This film was everything everyone hoped it would be and more.

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