Millions of “When Calls the Heart” fans are looking forward to Christmas day already. Beyond the delight of its sacred and special meaning to every individual family, the evening of Christmas Day welcomes Erin Krakow and the other favorite cast members, of the Hallmark Channel’s biggest drama, back to television screens in the 2018 Christmas movie special, and once again, it appears to be worth every minute of the wait and filled with the characteristic faith and joy that resonates through the residents of Hope Valley.

Erin Krakow was clearly savoring her restful and joyful days with family in Florida for Thanksgiving.

Ahead of the Christmas rush, the star took time to share some playful messages to fans while soaking up some sun and greenery, in more ways than one.

Loving the leafy stuff

Erin and all the cast of “When Calls the Heart” wrapped up their work on the production of Season 6 on the family drama in the last few weeks and filming an entire season in just a few months. Despite the busy schedule, the lovely brunette actress delights in sharing glimpses behind the scenes with fans and even captured her own keepsake camera memories from the October HFR4 “Hearties” convention.

In her recent #AskErin question-and-answer session on Twitter, some of her followers asked Erin Krakow about her own Thanksgiving traditions.

In one response, the star explained that her Thanksgiving table usually featured vegan dishes.

In her social media posts, over the Thanksgiving break, the talented Kraków who embodies the inspiring and hopeful teacher, Elizabeth Thornton, on her show, also demonstrated that her vibrant and effervescent humor is a family trait, along with her family recipes.

“In case you were wondering if the apple falls far from the tree,” she began in her caption to accompany bright green bundle of celery, continuing that “my dad just held these in the air and announced he'd had ‘a raise in celery,’” accentuated by a laugh till you cry emoji.

In another post, Erin Krakow depicted her own sky view.

The blue skies were dotted with white, puffy clouds, and overhanging palm leaves. It's no wonder that the Juilliard-trained daughter dreams of home often through the Canadian cold. Being surrounded by castmates who are truly good friends keeps spirits warm.

Welcome young ladies

“When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing” is sure to be a blessing to top off Christmas day for countless followers of the drama. The story centers around a train filled with orphans who become stranded in Hope Valley. Naturally, the community draws together to see that they share an unforgettable Christmas in Hope Valley, and possibly, some stay longer. Fans will love seeing Elizabeth with her first evident baby bump, which has already been christened as “Elizabump.” The hitter pitter-pattering of so many feet through the Northwest Territory town will undoubtedly bring a fresh sense of purpose to the Yuletide season.

Actresses Jocelyn Hudon will star as Grace and Morgan Kohan will portray Lillian in the Christmas offering. Their characters will be caretakers of the orphans, and they will have regular roles on the “When Calls the Heart” spinoff series, “When Hope Calls,” which premieres in 2019 as part of Hallmark’s video subscription service, Hallmark Movies Now. Both talented ladies have extensive credits on Canadian and US television, and their arrival to the Hallmark network was featured in a November 19 WFAA exclusive.

Whether skies are snowy or glistening with sunshine, Erin Krakow and the cast of “When Calls the Heart” give fans many reasons to look toward bright horizons and celebrate a beautiful Christmas season.