"General Hospital" spoiler alerts tease that some closure may be coming for two couples in Genoa City. Viewers have been impatiently waiting more than a year for a reunion between Jason and Sam. Fans are also frustrated that it is taking so long for Josslyn to find out the truth about both Oscar and Cameron. This week Cam is going to come clean to Joss but it's not clear regarding which secret he is hiding. He may tell her that he wants the pretend relationship to be real or he may reveal that Oscar is dying. "JaSam" will spend Thanksgiving day and night together and get a nudge from their son Danny to rekindle their relationship.

Cameron will tell all to Josslyn

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Cameron is going to come clean to Josslyn but the spoiler does not indicate which secret he will reveal. It's possible that he may tell all and let Joss in on both of the burdens he has been carrying. Cam has fallen in love with his childhood friend but tried to keep it to himself because she was dating Oscar. He also is keeping mum that he knows Oscar has a brain tumor. Josslyn might end up finding out that Oscar may be dying and also that Cam is in love with her and wants their pretend relationship to be real.

CDL says that Alexis will reach out to the dying teen on Thanksgiving so perhaps while Oscar is with his lawyer, Cam will be baring his soul to Joss.

Spoilers don't indicate how Ms. Jax will respond .and since she is as impetuous as her mother, things could get ugly. Josslyn may be furious that Oscar lied and broke up with her, rather than share his dilemma. She may decide to give herself to Cam out of spite. She also may have empathy for Oscar and be angry at Cameron for not telling her sooner.

It's also possible she will wash her hands of them both.

JaSam reunion is still not certain

JaSam fans desire to see this couple admit they love each other and give in to passion. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that they will be on the brink of giving in on Thanksgiving. The couple will celebrate the holiday together and some unforeseen event will cause them to spend the entire night together.

Spoilers do not indicate if they actually sleep together but Soap Dirt says that Danny is going to let it be known that he wants his parents back together.

Sam and Jason have shown tremendous restraint in not giving in to passion but JaSam fans desire to see their favorite couple totally committed to each other. Be sure not to miss Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital" to find out how much Cam tells Joss, and find out whether or not Jason and Sam go all the way.