Chip Wade is known as an HGTV star, DIY expert and Liberty Mutual Insurance spokesman. He recently appeared with Samson the Dood, a pet celebrity via social media at an event together in the East Village neighborhood of New York City.

The event was conducted in honor of Liberty Mutual’s new Millennial research findings and innovative tools. Chip discussed his experience at this event, working with Samson, and more via an exclusive interview on November 19, 2018.

Samson the Dood and DIY

Meagan Meehan (MM): When and how did you first get interested in DIY and home maintenance?

Chip Wade (CW): I grew up doing home projects with my dad. I was running a chop saw by the time I was six years old. I guess I was just born with a passion for it and had a great teacher who showed me the right way to build things the right way. I was taught that part of doing a project right is having a plan to maintain it. There is a process and a mentality to getting great results on renovations and keeping them looking great.

MM: Why were you recently in New York with Samson the Dood?

CW: We met at a fun Liberty Mutual Total Home event at a beautiful home in NY. I was there talking to a bunch of folks about DIY projects and tips to keep your home and its systems in good working order. I was also sharing some free tools from Liberty Mutual that work really great.

One is called Dwellbeing, which is a free tool from Liberty Mutual Insurance and their innovation center Solaria Labs that provides customized task lists with tips and how-tos on all the maintenance items needed to keep your home running smoothly.

MM: How did you come to collaborate with Liberty Mutual Insurance?

CW: I have not only been a happy customer for many years but also work creatively with Liberty Mutual to provide homeowners with tips and tricks on how to keep their homes running smoothly.

I started working with Liberty Mutual after meeting multiple team members that I was so impressed with. I expressed interest in helping them with their mission, and I am excited to be still working with them today.

Home maintenance, Dwellbeing, and events

MM: What are your best home maintenance tips?

CW: Firstly, have a proactive plan.

Don't wait until something breaks before addressing it. Your home is like your car – a little bit of maintenance along the way keeps it running longer, better and more cost-effectively. Best of all, it lowers the risk of being stuck with something breaking down. This is why I like Dwellbeing so much! It makes this maintenance process so much more manageable. Secondly, make a list of some of your most basic replacement parts. Things like HVAC filter sizes, water filter part numbers, and even a paint legend for all the paint colors in your house. Save it in a spreadsheet and email it to yourself so you can always have access to it.

MM: What was most enjoyable about your recent event in the city?

CW: It was fun to meet Samson for the first time, and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching people how to take care of their homes better and be more proactive when it comes to home maintenance by using Dwellbeing, so the event itself was great! I also love NY in general, so it’s always nice to admire the architecture and have a great meal.