Spoiler alerts promise that Thanksgiving week on "General Hospital" will give both Julian and Jason something special to be thankful for. It appears that Sam, who has been keeping her former spouse at arm's length will decide to give him some quality time. She will also be impressed by something that her father does, after years of treating him as if he is the scum of the earth. Perhaps Ms. McCall is getting in the holiday mood, or possibly she is reflecting on how selfish she has been in recent months. Sam has kept Jason dangling for more than a year, and has Julian like a criminal for much longer.

She may realize that it is long past time to move forward with both men.

Sam may be ready to give in to Jason

Soap Hub indicates that Sam is going to agree to spend time with her former spouse but does not say when or where. With Thanksgiving drawing nigh she may invite him to enjoy the holiday meal with her and or her family. It's also possible that Jason will attend the festivities with his mom Monica at the Quartermaine mansion. He may invite his ex and she might agree to join him.

Sam has been toying with Jason's affections ever since he jumped through the skylight at the Metro Court. Even though she ended her marriage to Drew, Ms.McCall still has not yet given in totally to her feelings for Jason.

With spoilers saying she will spend time with him, the duo may be one step closer to a reunion. They may even tell each other how thankful they are to have a chance at a future, This will be good news for "GH" viewers who are longing for JaSam to get back together.

Julian impresses Sam

Both Soap Hub and Soap Opera Spy say that Julian is going to do something this week, that impresses his daughter.

Sam has refused to acknowledge that her father has turned his life around and continually warns Alexis to stay away from him. Spoilers don't say what the former mob boss does to touch his daughter but it may have to do with Oscar and/or Kristina. Both are becoming friendly with Daisy who earlier spoiler alerts said may be part of a religious cult.

On Monday, Kim asked Julian to get fake ID's so she can force Oscar out of the country for a different experimental treatment. He promised to help her but may alert Drew to the plan and this could be what impresses his daughter. Whatever Julian does must be pretty big if it turns Sam's cold heart away from hating her father. Find out by watching: "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. Also, be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to find out in advance what will happen next in Port Charles.