The character T.J. Ashford has been MIA for quite a while on "General Hospital." His girlfriend Molly has been on screen infrequently in recent months and always minus her significant other. On Tuesday, viewers were surprised to see that Tequan Richmond's role has been recast and Tajh Bellow has now taken over as Molly's sweetie. The change was kept totally under wraps and caught fans off guard. The new face of Jordan Ashford's son made his debut during the pre-wedding activities and was part of a group that had to solve a mystery. Spoiler alerts indicate that Bellow may seem familiar because he was in "Gifted Hands, The Ben Carson Story" as well as on a number of television shows.

Tequan Richmond goes to prime time on BET

Tequan Richmond has been away from "General Hospital" on several occasions to take on other roles. This time he obviously decided to leave Thomas Ashford Jr. behind in order to become a part of prime time television. Soap Dirt reports that the actor, who has portrayed T.J. since 2012 can now be seen on BET's "Boomerang." His decision was kept quiet and even spoiler alerts were not aware that he would not be returning to Port Charles.

Soap Dirt says that in addition to his role in "Gifted Hands, The Ben Carson Story" Tajh Bellow has also been on the television programs "KC Undercover," Bosch," and "Filthy Preppy Teens." In his "General Hospital" debut, T.J.

was a part of a mystery-solving group which included his mom Jordan, step-dad to be Curtis, Detective Chase, Peter, Sam, Dr. Finn, Nina, Maxie, Lulu, and a few other Port Charles residents.

T.J. and Molly may develop their relationship

Soap Opera Spy indicates that Aunt Stella may end up in a romance with her long lost love Marcus, but nothing is said about her nephew T.J.

and Molly. Now that Tajh Bellow has taken over the role perhaps the young couple can develop their relationship. It was mentioned onscreen a while back, that the two decided to have sex, but viewers have never seen the couple being romantic.

Molly and T.J. worked together on the Charles Street project and it was stated that they had an apartment together, but they have never been seen cohabitating in it.

Fans enjoy this couple so maybe they will now have a chance to show viewers how they work together in more intimate scenes. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. Best of luck to both Tequan and Tajh in their new roles.