Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" tease that Dollar Bill Spencer will go missing when he should be attending the Forrester Thanksgiving dinner. His absence will be noticed by everyone present and his sons will be especially concerned. There are a variety of reasons why Bill would not show up, including an accident, a medical emergency. vehicle trouble, or some unexpected guest that detained him. Wyatt and Liam will be especially concerned about why their father is a no-show. Spoilers indicate that the most likely answer is that he is staying away to get Brooke's attention, hoping that she will come looking for him.

Forrester clan has Thanksgiving without Dollar Bill

Soaps She Knows indicates that Eric will host his annual Thanksgiving dinner where family, friends, enemies, and frenemies set aside their differences for a few hours. The spoiler says that some attendees will be thankful, others will be envious, and one man will make a major announcement. Soap Dirt, however, reveals that one important individual who was invited will be a no-show. Dollar Bill Spencer will skip turkey day with the Forrester clan and leave everyone wondering where he is.

Soap Dirt suggests that there has not been any foul play, but that Bill Spencer is MIA on purpose. The spoiler teases that Bill may not attend Thanksgiving dinner so that Brooke will wonder where he is and search for him.

When Wyatt and Liam begin expressing concern for their father, Ridge's wife might excuse herself, to go look for her former spouse. Even though she says she is committed to her marriage it has been obvious her feelings are torn between the two men.

Thanksgiving at the Forrester's will be interesting

Soaps She Knows says that the Avant's and Spectra's will be joining the Logan's, Forrester's, and Spencer's for Thanksgiving this year.

Zoe and baby Kelly will make their debut at the holiday meal, while Steffy and Hope will work together on the seating arrangement around the table. The absence of Dollar Bill, however, will probably put a damper on things, especially if Brooke or his sons leave the dinner table to look for him.

On Tuesday Katie gave Bill legal documents indicating that his parental rights have been restored and he was overjoyed.

With no indication of why he will skip the Forrester event, viewers can only tune in to get an answer. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and make sure to keep watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM, EST.