"General Hospital" spoiler alerts indicate there will be the usual mayhem during Thanksgiving week with the Quartermaine family The Q's always been a mishap every fourth Thursday in November that ruins their holiday meal and it looks like this year will be no different. Monica draws closer to her grandson who is dying of a brain tumor and will give him a much needed advise. At the same time, Oscar's illness will divide his parents. Drew is going to stand his ground in what he believes his son needs and will push Kim away. This will no doubt bring drama to the Quartermaine holiday dinner table and add to the unexpected that always comes their way.

Monica gives Oscar what he needs

Monica was shocked to find out that Oscar does not desire the experimental treatment that may cure his brain tumor, because it could also end his life. Soap Dirt reveals that this week Dr. Quartermaine will reach out to her grandson in a desire to become for them to become closer Previews for Monday's "GH" episode show Monica asking the dying teen if he wants more information, so she obviously has found a way to get Oscar to listen to her.

Oscar has been refusing any advice from his parents because they withheld the truth about his brain cancer. He may decide to listen to his grandmother because she was in the dark as well, and also the fact that as a physician, Monica can give him sound medical information.

Spoilers indicate that while these two are bonding, the distance between Kim and Drew will only grow.

Drew and Kim may be parting ways

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that there will be much drama in Port Charles this coming week. Much of it may center around Oscar and the Quartermaine clan. Each Thanksgiving the family ends up eating pizza after some mishap destroys their holiday meal.

This year, there will be the added drama of Oscar's brain tumor and the growing conflict between his parents. Kim is determined to force her son into treatment, but Drew is not totally convinced this is the way to go.

Soap Dirt indicates that Drew will push his son's mother away, and attempt to deal with the dying teen on his own terms.

If Monica does bond with her grandson and he listens to her advice, it's possible Oscar may decide to try the experimental surgery. If he does his father and grandma may decide to accept his decision. This would mean that Kim may be the only one not supporting his choice. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers related to this intense storyline and keep watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.