Carrie Underwood is used to a cram-packed schedule, but the past few weeks have the expectant mom and CMA Best Female Vocalist setting a new kind of precedent. The petite blonde with the biggest voice in her industry is pretty much-getting rave reviews for her 11th stint of co-hosting the Country Music Association awards with Brad Paisley last week. In addition to taking home her own crystal trophy last week, Carrie Underwood can add being honored by her home state, according to reports by “Today” on November 18.

Carrie Underwood became the latest inductee into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame just a day after her gig hosting the CMA Awards, during which both she and her husband, Mike Fisher, played along with being made fun of by Brad Paisley.

Despite looking vibrant in pink in her opening, and stunning in her royal blue gown for her magnificent performance of “Love Wins” from her “Cry Pretty” album, Paisley playfully poked that “you have really let yourself go” referring to her precious baby tummy pooch.

Brad Paisley was so relentless in his teasing that he pushed Carrie to reveal the gender of her second child with Canadian hockey star Mike Fisher as “a Willie” during his impromptu game of outlaw. Mike Fisher wasn’t excused from Brad Paisley's jabs, as he was told “we're rooting for you” as the father during the early moments of the night.

Mike Fisher is more than good-natured about jokes at his expense. He is completely in love with his wife and devoted as a dad.

Carrie Underwood knew she would take home a memento in recognition of her Oklahoma honor, but she never could've expected the genuine words written to her in salute of the occasion by her husband.

Humble praise

Beyond crediting his wife from Checotah, OK with “one of the best voices ever” clearly stating the obvious, Fisher lauded the “crazy work ethic” in his wife of eight years, and how she never takes her platform for granted.

In closing, he declared that “You've remained humble in all the success and never craved the attention or fame one bit.”

The doting husband expressed gratitude that his wife remained “the small-town girl from Oklahoma” despite all the accolades. He ended his heartfelt remarks with the Ephesians 3:20 Bible verse, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

Carrie Underwood has very openly confessed that it was her pleading in prayer after three miscarriages that brought her to the joy of this pregnancy with Mike.

It would be hard for any wife to even speak after glowing words like those from her husband, but Carrie did retort that if there had been a category for “Hottest Date,” she would have snagged that “fo’ sho’!!” Underwood received honors with other inductees, including acclaimed “Pioneer Woman” blogger and cooking star, Ree Drummond.

Welcome downtime

With the high-production performances and the frantic wardrobe changes behind Carrie Underwood, for the time being, she's probably ready for some home cooking of her own. Even though Mason Ramsey played a “stand-in son” at the CMA ceremonies, Carrie has always deemed that three-year-old Isaiah is “the sweetest boy” on earth to his parents, next to the new brother, to be welcomed in the spring.

Carrie Underwood didn't succumb to morning sickness last September when some UK appearances had to be canceled. A condition akin to vertigo made the singer unable to stand or keep her balance and forced her to get care from a German hospital, where nurses were not so familiar with vegetarian diet needs, and she explained on Jimmy Fallon.

Carrie Underwood is known to never let anything get her down, and she delivered the full force of emotion along with her characteristic huge notes on her CMA performance. Big brother, Isaiah, is already singing to his sibling, still inside mommy, and giving kisses.

This is a family even stronger on love and support than on belting out songs or going for lightning fast strikes with a puck. They seem set for a happy Thanksgiving.