5 sports movies on Netflix that will make you laugh out loud

Smack dab in the middle of football season, you can get your sports fix and laugh with these five flicks.

If you're looking for something funny to watch on Netflix that can also scratch your sports itch, then look no further than these five Movies.


'Mascots' (2016)

A movie about people who love dressing up in mascot costumes and competing for trophies. Yes, it's as offbeat and hilarious as it sounds.


'Goon' (2011)

Sean William Scott has had an up and down career, but "Goon" definitely hits the mark. A hockey film about one of the most underappreciated roles on any hockey team.


'The Waterboy' (1998)

There are just two questions I have for you if you haven't seen "The Waterboy." Why in the world haven't you seen it? And, why aren't you watching it right now? This might be the best Adam Sandler movie, during a period of time when he was actually putting out decent films.


'Happy Gilmore' (1996

Yes, Adam Sandler weirdly did a few sports comedies for some reason. The good news, is they were actually pretty funny. This one takes a former hockey player and turns him into a golfer. Bob Barker makes a great cameo. Yes, Bob Barker.


'Basketball' (1998)

From the guys who made "South Park" came a sports movie that is as absurd as it is funny. They still manage to pull it off.

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