On Friday's episode, of "General Hospital," four women had their lives affected at the hands of Ryan Chamberlain. Kevin's demented twin murdered Mary Pat and attempted to frame Carly and Ava for the deed. During questioning Jordan even suspected Sonny of killing the nurse to avenge his wife. Ryan also broke Laura's heart by telling her that he was moving out. The serial killer is now on the loose and there is no going back. Everyone around him is in danger and no one realizes he has switched places with his sibling. Events have now been set in motion that will make the 25th anniversary of his first killing spree pale in comparison.

Mary Pat, Carly, and Ava's lives disrupted by Ryan

On Friday, Carly volunteered to be the first one to bob for apples at The Floating Rib. She was shocked to look into the apple barrel and see Mary Pat's head floating in the water. Later while being questioned by Jordan and Chase, both Ryan and Laura gave statements that incriminated Carly. Each of them admitted hearing Mrs. Corinthos say she wanted the evil nurse to pay for mistreating her in Ferncliff. Ryan tried his best to make Carly seem like she would seek revenge on her tormentor but Laura countered by saying that anyone held against their will an over-medicated would feel the same way.

Later, when Carly was questioned, she said she wished the nurse were dead but would never kill her.

Jordan then asked Sonny if he got revenge on his wife's behalf. Meanwhile, Ava was stunned to find Mary Pat's dead body seated in her gallery with a pumpkin on top in place of her head. When Chase questioned Ms. Jerome she stated that she had never even met this woman before. Previews for Monday indicate that the deceased nurse is holding blonde hair in her hands which suggests that Ryan is going a step further to frame someone else for the murder.

Laura is devastated when Ryan walks out on her

As all of this is unfolding, Laura encounters her "husband" on the docks where he had just thrown away the tool he used to murder and behead Mary Pat. Laura demands answers for his lies and avoidance of her and is totally blown away by what happens next. Ryan, high on resuming his killing spree, tells his "wife" that he no longer loves her and wants to move out immediately.

Laura is caught off guard, begs for a second chance but is devastated when she is rejected. Now Ryan is free to give in fully to his murderous tendencies and someone's DNA will be on the blonde hair that Mary Pat is clutching. More than likely Ava, Carly, or even Laura may be falsely charged with her murder. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC to find out how all of this is resolved.