Brandi Glanville has been on the outs with Lisa Vanderpump for the past several months but during a recent interview, the former reality star said she feels sorry for Vanderpump, whose "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-stars have reportedly been refusing to film with her for the past several months.

On November 16, Reality Blurb shared details about Glanville's interview with Us Weekly magazine, in which the mother of two explained that she feels bad for Vanderpump because she knows what it is like to have her co-stars refuse to take part in scenes with her.

“You know, I know because I’m friends with the girls … it’s just, you know, it’s really hard," Glanville told the magazine. "I actually feel sorry for [Lisa] a little bit because I’ve been in her shoes where no one wants to film with you,” she added.

Brandi Glanville knows what happened between Lisa Vanderpump and the RHOBH cast

As Brandi Glanville revealed to the magazine, it's hard to be passed aside by production when it comes to doing a job but when no one wants to film, it's hard to move forward with filming. During Glanville's final season as a full-time cast member, season five, she ended up on the outs with nearly everyone and engaged in a couple of physical altercations with her co-stars, including Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump.

“It sucks to be in that position, so I feel sorry for [Lisa Vanderpump] in a way," Glanville continued. Then, after revealing that she had heard what went on between Vanderpump and her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-stars, Glanville said she hoped that what she heard wasn't true.

Will Lisa Vanderpump quit the show?

When asked by Us Weekly magazine whether or not she believed Vanderpump would walk away from the Bravo reality series after filming was complete on season nine, Glanville admitted it seemed unlikely.

After all, she knows her former co-star quite well and believes she likes the series far too much to walk away for good. “I don’t think [Lisa will] ever quit the ['RHOBH']. I mean, I know [Lisa] really well, yeah," Glanville said. "She loves it.”

As for Brandi Glanville, she doesn't seem willing to rejoin "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" either.

After all, on Twitter on November 15, she shared a meme about the words she lives by, which encouraged her fans and followers to distance themselves from people who lie to them, disrespect them, use them, and put them down.