There is big and exciting news for “Chrisley Knows Best” fans. Chase and Savannah, who are brother and sister, will have their own show on the USA network. No, they are not leaving their family show but will appear on both shows.

Chrisley siblings are hilarious together

The sibling duo is pure comedic genius when featured together in various scenarios and jams they get themselves into somehow. Chase is the more impulsive of the two. Savannah appears level-headed. The blend is both hilarious, at times, and sweet during other occasions.

The brother and sister team aims for Los Angeles, California, from Nashville, Tennessee, during their first season, according to People.

The siblings are headed for the City of Angels to make it “on their own.”

Laughter is sure to follow pair to Los Angeles

Many fans might recall the episode of “Chrisley Knows Best,” when their father, Todd, sent them to work on a farm. Savannah did well. Chase, well, he seemed to struggle – a lot – while trying to cope without conveniences and luxuries of home. It is easy to envision that laughter is sure to ensue from the pair’s next adventure.

Savannah ‘excited’ to go 'road tripping' with Chase

The spinoff is entitled “Growing Up Chrisley.” Savannah spoke with People, stating that she is “excited” about “road tripping” with Chase during the 16-week run of their starter season. She said, “Los Angeles here we come!”

The new season of ‘unscripted’ USA programs is November 2019

Both “Growing Up Chrisley” and “Chrisley Knows Best” are considered docuseries, with the original show featuring the family will run 26-weeks and has the return date of November 28, 2019.

The season opener will feature episodes that “run back-to-back,” TV Series Finale reported on October 30.

While 2019 may seem like a long time away, it actually is not, considering that the shows need time for filming and production to ensure the level of quality USA network has presented in the past in delivering “Chrisley Knows Best.”

Each show, according to the network and the Futon Critic is “unscripted.” USA is aiming to present additional programs, such as ones featuring country music, that are also evolve organically, without scripting scenes for the featured cast members.

Network looking forward to growth with the family

The senior vice president of USA’s alternative development and production is Heather Olander. She stated that the network is anticipating continued growth and laughter with the Chrisley family. The Chrisleys “opened their home and their hearts to America.”

Shows’ patriarch is fun to watch

Beneath Todd Chrisley’s no-nonsense approach to parenting, and his tough love, is a truly humorous man to enjoy watching.

Viewers may remember when Chase acted as their chauffeur for his parents, Todd and Julie. Seeing the annoyance bubbling over from Todd was as funny as Chase not really knowing the direction to drive.

Too, there was the episode when Todd’s son and mother, affectionately known on the show as Nanny Faye, were supposed to keep an eye on each other in Las Vegas. They ended up having a blast until Chase seemed to lose his grandmother in a casino. Nothing tops seeing Todd frazzled by his son.

Pretty much a guarantee spinoff will be family-friendly

Probably one of the most noteworthy attributes of the flagship show that the USA smartly picked up for another season is that parents do not have to worry about breaking into a sweat with inappropriate situations depicted.

It is hard to imagine that the USA network would present a show featuring Chase and Savannah that anything less than family-friendly, as well.

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