Andrea Bocelli isn’t plugging a new Christmas album for this season. The immaculate Italian tenor has already done two Christmas collections, “My Christmas” in 2009, and his Yuletide collaboration with David Foster in DVD format in the same year, following the broadcast special. The Andrea Bocelli Christmas partnership with pianist, Jan Mulder, from 2014, remains at the top of the Amazon Christmas favorites, as well. The stellar singer, songwriter, and producer definitely has what certainly could be defined as a holiday gift for this year, released only last week.

His latest album, “Si” is his first album of all-new recordings in 14 years, and one of the reasons for the fan fervor and the fresh sense of enthusiasm from 60-year-old Andrea Bocelli is that it brings him together with a brand-new vocal partner: his son, Matteo Bocelli. Their first single “Fall On Me,” has already captivated countless hearts after performances on some very big stages.

This morning, November 1, Andrea Bocelli and Matteo Bocelli spoke with Gayle King of “CBS This Morning” about the bond they have shared since Matteo’s birth, and the surprise of discovering their bond in beautiful harmonies.

More than genes

Gayle King is not one given to great displays of emotion. The last time the co-anchor cried on air was when she toured and presented the exhibit devoted to her best friend, Oprah Winfrey, at the Smithsonian Museum last summer.

Even during her words after being inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame earlier this week, she never succumbed to tears while wearing her bright yellow dress. It didn't take long for the co-host to tell Andrea and Matteo Bocelli about the emotional impact of their first duet together.

“It made me want to cry,” King confessed, “because I could feel the emotion of the song.”

“It is a beautiful song,” Andrea interjects, and different than most of the famous love songs and the famous singing partners that have been part of the elder Bocelli’s creative history, the song “Fall On Me” reflects a far deeper bond than the passion between any two romantic partners.

“It's about the beautiful relationship I have with my father,” credits the handsome Matteo. As he further describes that the song reflects bonds of many children with their parents, his father is quick to remind him that they still, and always, have that bond, not merely in the past tense of “had.” As the chorus opens, a montage of photographs is shown, with Bocelli and Matteo, along with older brother, Amos.

Despite being a proud father, it took Matteo’s mother to suggest that Andrea give their son a serious session of listening two years ago, saying “he's very nice” on the ears. Matteo Bocelli spent years of study in classical piano and brings rich knowledge in music arrangement and history. This partnership with papa inaugurates his vocal stardom. While heredity has a heavy influence, the singular difference in these harmonies comes from the heart.

Men of passion

Andrea Bocelli still trusts his youthful instincts when it comes to love, sounding like a much younger version of himself when asked about his wife, Veronica Berti, who he married in 2014. Holding to the adage of love at first sight (even from a sightless perspective), dad Bocelli says that love either comes “suddenly or never.” His youngest son has a somewhat doubtful expression in reaction to this swift answer.

The experienced elder also maintains that even though there are “rivers and rivers of words about love,” if things in bed are good, then the satisfaction transfers to the rest of the time. Gayle King moves in closer to say that this proposition is not always true, and Matteo seems to agree.

“Don’t look at me!” exclaims the father to his son, being fully aware of Matteo’s gaze. “Let's just say we have different points of view,” surmises the son. The father simply responds that his son's opinions are expected, “because you are 20.”

Matteo worries more like a father when his dad rides horses, but Andrea Bocelli has always been the man ready to take on challenges. He had poor vision as a child before a blow from a football (soccer) caused the loss of his sight altogether.

“You know I am a very good rider,” Andrea declares to Matteo, who verifies that horses are his father’s passion.

The loving support between father and son strolling in the park is very akin to the two onstage. During a performance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Andrea put his hand to Matteo’s back in the way only a father can. Matteo describes that he hopes to achieve the success of his father, but that kind of longevity comes to very few. Celine Dion once compared Andrea Bocelli's voice to that of God, and that high bar is seldom surpassed, even by their sons. What every father hopes is that his son carves out his own unique and indelible niche in the world, and that is already happening.

What is most lasting in life is the love that erupts from the very first breath of a child, and this family of music has already embraced that family legacy.