Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that jealousy and vengeance will cause problems this week for the Forresters, Barbers, Logans, and Spencers. These families once again will become intertwined and the result will be mayhem Dollar Bill will receive news from Justin, which causes him to rethink his truce with Ridge and decide to get even. Justin's niece Emma deals with the green-eyed monster after catching Zoe and Xander in a compromising situation during the Intimates Line fashion show. Quinn will give in to her dark side when she realizes that Pam and Donna have it in for her and are trying to ruin her marriage.

Pam and Donna seek revenge against Quinn

Pam's emotions have been all over the place since Quinn announced that she does not want her and Charlie to have their wedding at the Forrester mansion. Soap Hub teases that this week Pam will enlist Donna to help her bring down Eric's wife. Stephanie's sister will decide that the former Ms. Fuller does not deserve to be Mrs. Eric Forrester and tell Brooke's sibling that she should be with her ex. Spoilers say the two women will cause Quinn's dark side to return and she will give as good as she gets. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that once Quinn realizes her husband and his former wife are growing close, her fangs will come out and she will decide to put a stop to it all.

Dollar Bill seeks answers regarding the custody hearing

Soap Hub also indicates that this week on "B&B" Justin will give Dollar Bill clues that lead him to seek answers regarding the custody agreement. Justin finds out that Ridge visited the judge just before and right after the hearing. CDL says Bill will pump Brooke for answers, but she will stay mum for now.

Spoilers suggest that the founder of Spencer Publications will renege on his promise to be a better man and will do everything he can to get answers regarding the connection between Ridge and the judge. He kept the Forrester brothers from going to jail, but now all bets are off. Dollar Bill is in a fight mode and believes as he told Justin on Friday, that he always wins.

Xander caught between Zoe and Emma

CDL spoilers promise that there will be a lot of action during the Intimates line fashion show and much of it will surround the new interns. Soap Hub says that Emma will be furious when she catches Xander and Zoe flirting with each other. Spoilers indicate that Zander is getting impatient waiting on Justin's niece to decide to take their relationship to the next level. He and Zoe have a past and as she once told Ms. Barber, it was a very grown-up relationship. While Emma is hesitating, Zoe is being upfront with the fact that she wants her man back and is willing to give him exactly what he wants. Be on the lookout for additional "B&B" spoilers to keep informed on what happens next.