Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" reveal that Traci Abbott will once again try to reunite her splintered family. She will make the decision to take the documents that Jack shredded and put them back together. This gives Ashley absolute control over all the Jabot products that she created, so basically she is in charge. This is what Ashley always wanted but she only has four days left in Genoa City. It's possible she may walk away from the company she loves, in order to make amends for lying to her brother about his biological dad.

Whatever happens, Monday, October 29 is the last date of Eileen Davidson.

Traci rebukes Jack and Kyle, tries to save the day

On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Dina and her grandson Kyle retrieved important documents from a hidden safe at Jabot. Previous spoilers suggested they held proof of all the evil deeds that Ashley recently committed. It was revealed, however, that the information in the safe was something John and Dina put in place decades ago to protect their firstborn daughter, 100% control over all the products she has created at Jabot. It was done to protect her from Jack trying to take over the family business.

Kyle tried to shred the papers but Dina stopped him and Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that, on Tuesday, the documents will fall into Jack's hands.

He will agree with his son that the information should be destroyed and shred the documents himself. When Traci finds out, she will tell her brother and nephew how disappointed in them she is and finds a way to put the papers back together. Her next move will once again be to attempt to broker peace between the Abbott's and save the day.

Ashley may relinquish her authority to Traci

Spoiler alerts still have not revealed exactly how and why Ashley will leave Genoa City Soap Dirt has reported that Peter Bregman, who portrays Jack admits he is heartbroken professionally and personally because he and Eileen Davidson have worked together on "The Young and the Restless' together for several decades.

The spoiler does indicate that Ashley will probably be upset with both Kyle and Jack for shredding the documents. The question is what will take place that will cause her to leave town?

Ashley may decide to sign over her authority to Traci, but her sister is not residing in Genoa City on a permanent basis. She may even decide to give everything to Kyle and Jack or even Billy. With only four episodes left something dramatic will have to take place so stay tuned. Be on the lookout for updated "Y&R" spoilers that reveal the final outcome in advance.