Erin Krakow keeps busy for many months out of her year in Vancouver, where she and her castmates, on “When Calls the Heart,” create the characters in the stories that speak to so many millions of viewers' hearts. Her character, Elizabeth Thornton is going to be more pivotal than ever in Season 6, set to debut in early 2019. After taking her character through unimaginable loss and heartache at the close of last season, Erin Krakow and Elizabeth can look forward to bright and brand-new adventures and bonds with newcomers to Hope Valley in the New Year.

Last week, Erin Krakow gave faithful “When Calls the Heart” fans a first look at Elizabeth’s baby bump, donning both blue and pink attire. The leading lady flashed her beautiful smile in a twirl to give the world one view. She then put herself and her precious protruding bundle at the center of a sandwich shot with “When Calls the Heart” costars, Loretta Walsh and Johannah Newmarch. Only “Elizabump,” as the TV child on the way has been dubbed, was visible between the ladies who lovingly caressed the future arrival. Fans can only imagine the expression from Krakow for Elizabeth in that view.

After working so hard to complete another season of her drama, Elizabeth Krakow, and many involved with the production of “When Calls the Heart,” could choose to be anywhere, but this past weekend they were getting up close and personal with the people who keep their show the biggest hit thus far on the Hallmark Channel.

The annual “Hearties” convention, in Vancouver, christened HFR4 this year, prepared to welcome 300 fans and it certainly looks like they all came. As she showed in her October 20 shares on Twitter, Erin Krakow was as taken by the crowd and the “When Calls the Heart” fervor as her enthusiastic public was with her.

She also had time to spread a little more of her famous birthday love.

The perfect keepsake

Erin Krakow posted her own video panning out to the giant gathering and capturing the “When Calls the Heart” wave as only she could. Other fans replied with their shots of her capturing the action. She moved several times to ensure that most of the excited assembly was in the frame.

The star was seated at a table, among other co-stars and production staff. It may, at times, be hard for stars to give a personal touch when time is short and the throngs of hopefuls seem overwhelming. Judging from her fan feedback, Erin did her best to make her moments with fans memorable.

Many replies expressed gratitude to Krakow for taking personal time with each fan, and many others thanked everyone involved with “When Calls the Heart” for this annual offering in gratitude to the fans. There was even a posting of a portrait in crayon, offered to the favorite actress by a youthful fan.

Erin Krakow may be penciling in some time to return stateside for the holidays, but she and her fans have much to remember from the 2018 convention gathering.

Another birthday

Erin Krakow is also one of those special kinds of friends who remember special days, like birthdays, when hardly anyone she knows is ever forgotten. She sent birthday love to her “When Calls the Heart” and “Marrying Father Christmas” co-star, Niall Matter, on social media, sharing a cozy photo of the two with a vintage truck and noting that working with her and trucks were at the top of Matter’s favorites list.

The two actors have already starred together in “Finding Father Christmas” and “Engaging Father Christmas,” based on the Robin Gunn Jones books, and “Marrying Father Christmas” will see Erin Krakow walking down the aisle as Miranda to Matter’s Ian. The movie makes its premiere on November 4, so it's not long until fans can feel both Christmas and wedding joy at once.

Whether it’s on “When Calls the Heart” or any of the other projects that fill Erin Kraków's time, she makes every second count.