Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that Summer is about to get knocked off her high horse this week and be hit with a double whammy. The spoiled Newman princess will soon find out that she has alienated all the people who loved and supported her. She kept pushing forward with her immature behavior and did not listen to sound reason from anyone. Now the people she believed she was manipulating are about to push back. Her parents are going to be disappointed because of her recent actions and both Billy and Kyle will wash their hands of her.

She will have no one to turn to in Genoa City and must deal with her problems all alone.

Kyle and Billy deal with Abbott/Newman drama

Soap Dirt says that Billy returns from rehab this week to find Abbott and Newman family drama waiting for him. He will find out that Ashley had Jack's DNA test faked and that they both are John Abbott's sons. His sister also removed him from his CEO position at Jabot and placed herself in charge. Spoilers indicate that Kyle who is already processing the mess that his uncle is just finding out about will confront Billy about his night with Summer.

When she shared her news that she had actually gotten her mother's lover into bed, Summer told Kyle it was the best sex she ever had.

She even insinuated that perhaps now she and her almost stepdad may become a real couple. Billy and his nephew will be so overwhelmed with all the Abbott drama that they will not have time for Ms. Newman's childish behavior. and Celeb Dirty Laundry says they both will kick her to the curb.

Summer will be all alone

CDL indicates that after talking to Kyle, Billy will run into Summer and tell her what they had was simply one night.

He will apologize but she will insist that there is something more between them. While they are talking Phyllis will walk in and overhear their discussion. She will be outraged because she warned Billy not to go too far with her daughter. Spoilers say Phyllis will be out for blood and of course at some point, she will fill Nick in on what happened between their daughter and Billy and he will be outraged.

Soap Dirt teases that Kyle is going to be shocked by information he finds when Dina leads him to a safe in the Abbott mansion. It seems that Ashley left a paper trail of her misdeeds and both Billy and his nephew will be dealing with the fallout for some time to come. They won't have time to babysit Summer and each man will give Ms. Newman her walking papers.

Summer has manipulated these two for the last time and her parents are going to wash their hands of her as well. She will be hurt that Billy says their night together was revenge sex against Phyllis and Nick and she will not understand how Kyle can walk away from her for Lola. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST to "The Young and the Restless" to find out how Summer deals with this double whammy.