Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Tuesday will be a big day for Billy Abbott. He has been away at rehab for gambling and believes he will be reinstated to his CEO position at Jabot but will get the shock of his life. While he was gone, Ashley admitted having the results of Jack's DNA test altered which means that John Abbot is indeed Jack's father. Soaps She Knows says that Billy will be seeking revenge so he may take action against his sister for what she has done to him as well as his older brother. He will admit he slept with Summer to get even with her parents so the tables will be turned with Phyllis coming after him.

Billy's revenge may not be so sweet

Soaps She Knows says his nephew will confront Billy because he slept with Summer. Kyle will tell his uncle to make it clear to Ms. Newman where she stands with him now that the two have gone to bed together. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that when Billy meets Summer, she will believe they are about to become a real couple. He will inform her that he was not thinking clearly and apologize but Ms. Newman will not want to hear that. She will say that there is a spark between them and he is denying his true feelings. He will respond by saying it was only sex and may even admit he was trying to get revenge on her parents because Phylis and Nick spent a night together.

While they are bickering, Phyllis will show up just in time to hear what her daughter and Billy have done. Spoilers suggest that Summer may see her mom nearby and bring up the conversation to hurt her. Celeb Dirty Laundry says Phyllis will be furious and throw a tantrum which means that Billy and Summer had better watch their backs.

Phyllis will surely act before she thinks it through and seeks revenge on both of them. It is also possible that Billy still wants to get even with Phyllis and Nick.

Billy will confront Ashley

According to Soaps, She Knows, Billy will learn what Ashley has done to the family. He will be shocked to find out she gave Jack fake DNA results and took over his CEO position at Jabot.

It's possible that Billy may seek revenge on his sister and whatever he does may play a part in why she leaves town at the end of the month. However, it goes down there will be a nasty confrontation that will bring more pain to the Abbotts.

Summer will hate Billy for using her and Kyle will resent his uncle for taking advantage of Summer. In addition to Phyllis being irate about her lover bedding her daughter, Billy must deal with the wrath of Nick, Victor, and Victoria should they find out. He has placed himself in a position where people will be seeking revenge against him.

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