"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that Ryan Paevey has specific conditions that must be met before he will consider returning to Port Charles in his former role. In an interview with Soap Opera News, the popular actor shared his personal preferences for what had to be in place if he reprised his role as Nathan West.

Maxie seems to be moving on and possibly will be romantically linked with Peter but if the writers choose, they can find a way for Paevey's specifications to be met. It probably would only be once or twice because there will come a time when Nathan's widow must leave his ghost in the past in order to proceed with her future.

Nathan may return to Port Charles as a spirit

Soap Dirt says Ryan Paevey expressed his gratitude to "General Hospital" for launching his career and said he would not rule out a return to the show. The spoiler reports that he insists that it would have to be on his terms. The actor would reprise his role as detective Nathan West under one condition, which is that he can come back as a ghost. If Maxie does decide to date Peter, she may get a visit from her dearly departed husband to guide her. He could show up in a dream or vision to give his approval for her to move on.

The powers that be at "General Hospital" may or may not be on board with this idea because it would not work long-term, even on a recurring basis.

Jerry Douglas who portrayed John Abbott came back on "The Young and the Restless" for a number of years to help his son Jack solve problems, but once Maxie makes the decision to love again, there would be no more need for her "Nathan's ghost." There is also the possibility that the writers are moving in a direction where they would not want Paevey to return to Port Charles in any form.

Nathan West fans may now be rooting for Peter August

There is also the chance that enough time has gone by ton "General Hospital" hat Nathan West fans may have the attitude of "Out of sight, out of mind." They may now be hoping romance will bloom between Maxie and Peter and not care to have the budding relationship hindered by a ghost.

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that this week Maxie will be jealous when she finds out Lulu and Peter are going out of town together. It will be a business trip but Mr. August will refer to it as a date.

Maxie is not being written as a grieving widow who needs to seek to advise from her deceased husband's ghost but that could always change. Right now she is dealing with her conflicted feelings for her brother in law and a visit from Nathan might not be the best thing. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers related to Port Charles to find out if Ryan Paevey's terms are met and he returns as Nathan's ghost.