Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" emphasize how Mal Young took over the helm last year and destroyed the bond between Victoria and Billy. At that time, Phyllis was a wild card and Vickie was spending a lot of time with her ex when they worked together at Brash and Sassy. The former spouses began bonding and even shared a kiss. Billy was mentoring his stepson, Reed, and spending quality time with Johnny and Katie, until Young became executive producer and head writer of the show. Vickie and her former spouse went their separate ways, and Billy and Phyllis seemed to dominate most episodes.

Now, they have split up, and Soap Dirt suggests that Billy and Victoria may revisit their relationship.

The Billy and Victoria ship may have sunk

Soap Dirt suggests that Vickie may reconsider getting back with her ex-husband, now that he has kicked Phyllis out. The spoiler points out, however, that it is possible there is too much damage, and the Billy and Victoria ship may have sunk for good. It's possible, that when Phyllis finds out her lover slept with her daughter, it may be the final nail in their relationship. When it comes to light that Summer only got her one night with Billy because he was trying to get back at Nick and Phyllis for sleeping together, he will come across as the loser that many people in Genoa City believe that he is.

There is also the fact that sparks are flying between Victoria and Nate, so this situation is not cut and dry. Vickie may be done with her former husband because he started gambling again. Billy may have burned bridges with the women in Genoa City and Soap Dirt suggests that a new character may come to town in order for Jill's son to have a romantic interest.

Until then, Mal Young has deprived Billy and Victoria of a happy reunion and blown his relationship with Phyllis to shreds.

Summer lashes out after being scorned by Billy

Soap Hub indicates that Summer believed she and Billy were about to begin a real relationship when he returned from rehab. Ms. Newman will be a woman scorned when she realizes he only slept with her to get back at her parents because of their one night of passion.

When Victoria finds out that he took advantage of her baby sister, on top of the gambling, she may become so disgusted that this will be the point of no return.

Mal Young has destroyed all the potential and credibility that Billy had been gaining. He has written this character to be his very worst self, and In addition to Vickie, Nick, and Phylis, Billy will face the wrath of Victor Newman for toying with his daughter's affections. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and keep watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 ET.