Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that the next few weeks will be full of pain for the Abbot family, and they may never recover. Thanks to Andrew and Summer, all of Genoa City will be reeling from the fallout. On Friday, Ashley was backed into a corner and finally admitted that she hired the lab tech to change the results of her brother's DNA test. She admitted what many viewers had suspected all along, which is that Jack is John Abbot's son. While Kyle, his father, Abby, and aunt Traci are reeling from this news, Summer will be devastated when Billy returns from rehab and wants nothing to do with her.

In order to get back at him, she will make sure Phyllis knows about their one night together.

Ashley rips the Abbot family apart

Soap Hub spoilers indicate that Ashley's admission of guilt will stun her family. Kyle is the only one who has been getting a glimpse of her true colors, so he will enjoy the drama that unfolds. On Friday Jack offered Andrew 10 times the money his sister was paying if he would come clean. Ashley, however, says she will tell him for free and the drama unfolds. Later Kyle and Dina will open a safe in the Abbot home and find proof positive of Ashley's misdeeds inside.

Finding out the are blood Abbots, after all, will be bittersweet for Jack and his son and will open a door for Kyle to move up the corporate family ladder.

Eileen Davidson is leaving her role, so soon Ashley will be gone from Genoa City, most likely in shame and her family will never be the same. Who would have believed that Ashley would take things this far just to sit in the CEO chair?

Summer gets the ultimate revenge on Billy

Soap Dirt spoilers say that Billy will return from rehab and be stunned at recent events because he believed he was coming back to his job as Jabot CEO.

His sister's antics and the state of the Abbot family will shock him but he has a dirty secret of his own that will soon be revealed. Spoilers say that even though Summer assumed that she and her mother's boyfriend were going to be an item, Billy will blow her off. He only went to bed with her that one night as a way to get revenge on Nick and Phyllis for sleeping together.

Soap Dirt indicates once Summer realizes that Billy has betrayed her, she will seek and obtain the ultimate revenge. She will see her mother nearby and make sure Phyllis hears her when she discusses spending the night with her man. Ashley tampering with the DNA results and Billy sleeping with his almost-stepdaughter will keep Genoa City buzzing for a long time to come. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and keep watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS.