Marvel's newest actress Brie Larson is rumored to have reached a massive seven-film deal as part of her deal to star in Marvel's Captain Marvel. Marvel Studios has become best known for creating one of the largest cinematic universes over the last decade, and it's still only the beginning. ScreenRant has said that the deal is a record among those offered to actors/actresses in their first films.

Next year's Avengers 4 will mark the end of the MCU as we know it, as some of the most beloved characters of the franchise will ride into the sunset. While we will lose many fan favorites, it opens the door for other characters like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel to become the face of the MCU.

The Hollywood Reporter is speculating that Brie Larson in her role will be the one who leads the MCU into the new phase, even though we have yet to see her debut yet. Next year, moviegoers will get a quick introduction to Captain Marvel with both her debut film and Avengers 4 being released.

Brie Larson's mega-deal is not unusual for Marvel

Marvel is known for signing actors/actresses to big contracts from the start. They sign early in order to secure them for multiple films and potential crossover appearances. Both Chris Pratt and Chadwick Boseman signed multi-year deals and are seen as having a big future. With Larson having secured a seven-picture deal, she's become one of the top MCU characters in contract lengths.

Brie Larson has already wrapped two films as part of her deal, thanks to her work in Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. Brie Larson has five films left before Marvel will need to offer her a new deal in order to keep her longer. For now, as part of her deal, we're probably going to get a trilogy of Captain Marvel films. Rumors are claiming that Larson could become part of the Ultimate Avengers franchise or just have cameo appearances in Marvel films.

Either way, Larson is here for a long time and Captain Marvel is just her launching pad.

Brie Larson appears to be the new figurehead of the MCU

As Captain America, Iron Man and Thor have carried the MCU for three phases, Captain Marvel appears to be the hero who will carry the MCU into Phase Four and beyond. Her inclusion adds some diversity to the universe and opens the door for more.

The addition of Captain Marvel might lead to a new line of Marvel heroes.

If Disney and Fox officially merge, they may be able to make this idea a reality. The studio has already begun talks about a potential The Eternals movie, as well as a handful of other films that have yet to be announced. The best clue we can get to the future of Captain Marvel will be the title of Avengers 4.