The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 5 reveal a new theory hinting at Batwoman's role in the disappearance of Barry Allen in the future newspaper article. "John Wick 2" actress Ruby Rose will play Kate Kane in the "Arrowverse" and she will make her live-action debut in the upcoming crossover event "Elseworlds."

There is also a new trailer for episode 2 featuring Barry training his daughter, Nora West-Allen into becoming a better heroine. The plot of season 5 will have Barry and Iris West-Allen meeting their daughter from the future to stop a new metahuman villain named Cicada from hunting and killing other metas in Central City.

Episode 2 trailer streamed

The next episode of "The Flash" season 5 will be called "Blocked" and it shows Barry teaching Nora all the things he knows about their powers and how to use them properly in certain situations. The trailer sees Nora watching old training footage of her dad at S.T.A.R. Labs with some of them ending in a comedic disaster much to Barry's chagrin.

Express UK also reported that Flash, XS, and the team will also encounter a new meta who is stealing high-tech weapons and they will cross paths with Cicada, who is also hunting the same person. This will be Barry and the team's first encounter with Cicada after he killed Gridlock in the first episode.

The nefarious metahuman hunter uses a lightning bolt-shaped dagger to neutralize a meta's superpowers making them vulnerable and helpless against him.

Team Flash will have a hard time fighting him which leads to the possible death of Cisco Ramon (Vibe) in the show.

Batwoman's involvement in Crisis Arc

According to, Barry's disappearance on April 25, 2024, is traced back in the season 5 premiere wherein Nora showed him another future article revealing that it was almost 25 years since he disappeared from Central City.

Nora's article also showed other key information revealing a huge battle between the heroes and Reverse-Flash's army of shadow demons. Several Arrowverse heroes are mentioned in the article such as Green Arrow, Elongated Man, The Atom, Supergirl, and Batwoman. The battle ensued when the blue skies turned red as the Flash disappeared from the city.

This hints that Batwoman was a key witness during the Scarlet Speedster's disappearance, but it did not reveal how he vanished in the first place. The article also revealed that Kate Kane exists in the same Earth as Barry and Oliver Queen. The CW Network previously revealed Ruby Rose's Batwoman costume which mirrors the exact look of her character in the comics.