The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 5 reveal a father-daughter clash in the show's next episode. A teaser trailer for episode 5 featured Nora Allen seemingly trying to get rid of her father, Barry, as both speedsters run amock throughout Central City.

There is also a new theory hinting that Nora is hiding more secrets from her parents and allies. Season 5 will focus on Barry and the team stopping a new metahuman villain named Cicada while trying to teach his daughter how to be a better superhero. Nora has a mission of her own, to prevent her father's disappearance during the infamous Crisis event.

News Flash promo trailer

According to Express UK, the next episode for season 5 is titled "News Flash" and the plot synopsis revealed that Nora is fighting against Barry throughout their movements through the city. Actually, Nora gets really angry and shouts at Barry, saying she may have to kill him. The mastermind behind it is a metahuman named Spencer Young (a.k.a. Spin), a young aspiring social media influencer, who desperately seizes any opportunity to get everyone's notice.

Spin will be played by "Secret Lies" actress Kiana Madera and she is said to be a recurring villain in the show. She is one of the many villains introduced to the show alongside, Gridlock, Block, and Ragdoll.

Aside from Barry's battle with Nora, episode 5 will also feature a story arc for Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man) as an unlikely source issue will test his detective skills to the limit.

Ralph is helping Caitlin Snow solve the mystery of her missing father, Thomas, and the origins of her metahuman powers.

Executive producer Todd Helbing told Newsarama in a previous interview that season 5 will showcase more of Ralph's detective skills to the point that he can rival Batman in solving cases.

More secrets from Nora

According to TV Guide, Harrison "Sherloque" Wells suspected that Nora was hiding something from her parents and the team since arriving in the present from the future. While Nora explained to everyone that her reason for her visit is to prevent The Flash from disappearing and needing to spend time with him, Sherloque does not buy her reason and becomes suspicious of her.

The new Wells deduced that Nora's action of helping her father destroy the falling S.T.A.R. Labs satellite was not her own decision and that someone told her to do it. Cast member Jessica Parker Kennedy previously stated at San Diego Comic-Con that her character hides a lot of secrets and they will tackle them in each episode.

Sherloque is introduced in episode 3 and is hired to help them catch Cicada before he kills every metahuman in Central City.