The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 5 reveal the imminent death of a major character in the DC TV show. The plot synopsis for episode 5 reveals that Carlos Valdes's character Cisco Ramon (Vibe), will be killed-off and Nora West-Allen is responsible for his demise.

The CW Network also streamed a new trailer featuring Cicada's campaign against Team Flash and all of the metahumans in Central City. The plot of this season will feature Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen helping their daughter get back home to the future after she changed several events in the present timeline.

Her mistakes will have grave consequences that will affect her future.

War Zone trailer

According to Screen Rant, the new trailer features Cicada's rampage in Central City as he hunts down every metahuman living in the city. Cicada is described as a mysterious and deadly adversary that hides in the shadows. He uses a lightning bolt-shaped dagger to suppress a meta's powers making them vulnerable and helpless against him. He was also created as a result of Nora meddling in the past.

The trailer also highlights Nora clinginess towards her father and her lack of connection with her mother. Barry also questions his future, knowing that his daughter existed, and his fate, when he vanishes during a crisis on April 25, 2024, in a future newspaper article.

The death of Cisco Ramon

According to Heroic Hollywood, the CW Network revealed that plot synopsis of episode 5 is titled "The Death of Vibe" and Cisco will meet his demise during his encounter with Cicada. The plot reads that Barry and the rest of Team Flash must find a way to defeat Cicada as he has proven to be more powerful and dangerous than the previous "big bads" of the show.

Desperate to help her parents and the team, Nora made a plan to defeat the metahuman hunter, however, this will put Cisco in mortal danger. The synopsis also revealed that Caitlin Snow delves further into her past to find out more about her father, Dr. Thomas Snow, and bring Killer Frost back.

Vibe's death has been the subject of many rumors and speculations ever since cast member, Candice Peyton, posted an Instagram photo that leaked all over Reddit and the internet.

Cisco has been a prominent member of the team from season 1 until today. His death will be a huge emotional blow for Barry and the rest of the team, and this will give the Scarlet Speedster the edge he needs to defeat Cicada.

The fifth season of "The Flash" will premiere on October 9 on the CW Network.